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Upgrade Cluster in azure - Public IP

Hello community. I'm at the moment planning the migration of an azure cluster from R80.10 to R80.40. I know i have to redeploy a new machine for this, however, my question is about the Virtual Public IP address used for vpns site to site. Do I have to change the Public IP for the new one in my VPNs site to site  (telling the peers about the new IP)? or is there a way to keep the old public IP address?

According to the Checkpoint documentation, the Cluster Public IP must be in the same resource group that the VMs, however, in the microsoft documentation, it mentions that  Standard public IPs  (which are the ones used by the cluster) can't be move between resource groups, so, I can't move the old public IP to the new resource group.  I was wondering if someone has found a way  or workaround for this?


Thank you for any help you can give me



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