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R80.30 manager and gateway IaaS backups in Azure

HI Checkmates

We are struggling to decide which is the best solution to backup our R80.30 gateways and managers which run in Azure. 

For the manager.

Run schdeuled backups from with Gaia for the manager and offload them to a remote location (would this backup all policies, NATS, VPNs etc)

Use snapshots .

Not sure of the difference between snapshot and backup but either would only be used to restore to the same OS version.


For the gateways. This is slightly different as the gateways themselves have several extra interfaces on them with setting that are only configurable via powershell within Azure.

Run scheduled backups or snapshots as above with the manager. The problem I see with this is if the vm was corrupt would a backup/snapshot restore the interfaces settings?

Use Azure to backup the VMs in their entirety?


Any clarification on this would be greatly recieved.








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