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IMPORTANT - Certificate update for CloudGuard Controller and CloudGuard for Azure

Microsoft Azure is updating its TLS certificate chain during January 2021 as part of a phased plan that began in the summer of 2020. While the final revocation will not occur until February 2021, the new intermediate CA being rolled out in January cannot service the old certificates.  

As a result, users must follow the procedures explained below AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to prevent connectivity outage with Azure. (See Microsoft's notification here.)

If you have the following products deployed in Azure:

  • SmartConsole Server or Multi-Domain Management running CloudGuard Controller or CME and provisioning Azure environments,
  • CloudGuard IaaS HA environments on Azure,

please refer to sk170660 for relevant automatic or manual remediation information.

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Very important for customers using 

  • SmartConsole Servers or Multi-Domain Management running CloudGuard Controller or Cloud Management Extension R80.10 and Higher Administration Guide (This link was edited by Check Point on 19 Dec 2021) and provisioning Azure environments.
    • On Management high availability environments, you must apply the remediation steps on all members.
  • All CloudGuard IaaS HA environments on Azure.


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