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Cloudguard On Azure management Server High Availability failing


I will appreciate any ideas regarding Management HA in Azure or Cloudguard in cloud environment. Thanks in advance!


I have two management servers both on Azure, R81.10. Deployed straight from the marketplace and for the sake of the tests in the very same Vnet and Subnet to avoid routing and firewall issues. Connected to the Primary and following sk54160 I am getting:


SIC Status for azurecpmngmhubneu: Not Communicating

Peer sent wrong DN: cn=cp_mgmt,o=azurecpmngmhubneu..krdwxk** Reset SIC from peer, and establish trust again. **

Opened TAC service request "6-0003465014" ten days ago and they suggested sk110514. This article however is pointing to mdsenv command which is not available:

Primary Management Server:

[Expert@azurecpmngmhubweu:0]# mdsenv azurecpmngmhubweu

-bash: mdsenv: command not found


Secondary Management Server:

[Expert@azurecpmngmhubneu:0]# mdsenv

-bash: mdsenv: command not found


The second suggestion was to check the MTU, but the MTU is the default one and changes according to Microsoft can cause even more issues, so I am not being willing to play with that on VM level.

Deployment of security gateway from the marketplace and trying to activate it as a secondary management however is failing with another error which is kind of expected (Did it just for the sake of the initial SIC Trust Establishment and seems to work just fine):

Error: 'Security Management Server' is not responding. Verify that 'Security Management Server' is installed on the gateway. If 'Security Management Server' should not be installed verify that it is not selected in the Products List of the gateway (SmartDashboard > Security Gateway > General Properties > Software Blades List).

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