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CME Offline Installation Failed

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We are experiencing an issue installing the CME offline in a management server in AWS (offline installation is a requirement at this time).

Based on sk157492 - CME (Cloud Management Extension) for CloudGuard Latest Updates - offline installation is described as the following:

Offline installation

  1. Get the latest CME version from the Downloads section in this SecureKnowledge article.
  2. Place the CME bundle on the machine.
  3. Enter Expert mode.
  4. Execute: 


autoupdatercli install <FULL PATH TO CME BUNDLE>



We downloaded the file (Check_Point_CME_AUTOUPDATE_Bundle_T121_AutoUpdate.tar) and placed it in the Management Server. After entering expert mode and executing the command in step 4 with the full path to the file, we receive the following error message:


[Expert@gw-dda5d1:0]# autoupdatercli install /home/admin/Check_Point_CME_AUTOUPD ATE_Bundle_T121_AutoUpdate.tar
Error: Failed to import package /home/admin/Check_Point_CME_AUTOUPDATE_Bundle_T1 21_AutoUpdate.tar for more information, see log file: /opt/AutoUpdater/AutoUpdat er.log



When checking the log file /opt/AutoUpdater/AutoUpdat er.log for the messages in there, we see the following:


*E* %09-10 18:27:33% : could not find package branch name for component name CME
*E* %09-10 18:27:33% : Package Check_Point_CME_AUTOUPDATE_Bundle_T121_AutoUpdate.tar does not contain a valid branch name. Not handling offline update.


The SK does not provide troubleshooting details regarding this error message.


Any idea what is happening or how to fix this?


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