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AWS Cloud Formation - Rollback after to deploy a CheckPoint Template - IaaS

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Hello Guys


How are you?

On AWS, I am trying to deploy a Management server R80.40 and ASG too, but once it is created (Create_complete) I don't see it created in my EC2 - Instance, and after a few minutes it executes a (rollback_inprogress) and ends with a (rollback_complete).

As a testing, I created an instance (ubuntu) without a problem, it's working. 

I have not logs and description on the -"Status Reason"

I created; VPC, subnets, routes, IGW, keypair.

My company created an account for me, for this reason, I would like to know if I need any specific permission or role in order to deploy the CheckPoint templates. 

I appreciate your support.

Thank you



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