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take configuration backup of checkpoint gateway firewall

Hi Mates,

can anybody please guide me on how to take configuration backup of checkpoint gateway firewall and export As political rules in management. my back up is 3 months Smiley Sad  .. total thanks,

this translated google translator
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GAIA administration guide is always a good start.

But if you don't want to do that, just search in GAIA WebUI for work "backup" Smiley Happy

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Hi There, 

I wouldn't just rely on the Gaia backup utility on your gateway as this doesn't contain any policy information. 

Take a look at Best Practices - Backup on Gaia OS  Which goes through the different tools and there uses. You will probably use a combination of a couple of them to formulate your backup and restore strategy. 



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Hello thanks for answering colleagues, 
but my question is, after generating some kind of backup in the gate way, which can be raised as rule police in the MGM. I hope to be clearer, in the English translation

Hi Mates,

Thanks to everyone for the answers,
but, by magic it turned on administrator and generated a backup
to migrate from the server
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