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VMSS Scalet Set single load balancer deployment. How to set default route using bash script?

We have a multi tier Azure environment that has several scale sets. We only want one of those to face the internet and process inbound/outbound internet traffic. All other vmss will need to default to the Internet facing vmss. We were told that we should deploy these non-internet facing vmss with a single load balancer and add a bash script to the deployment config in Azure to set the default route to the internal load balancer.

I dont have access to the Azure console so I need to direct them on how this is accomplished.

- what will the bash script look like?

- where in Azure do they apply it?



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I mistakenly used the words 'bash script'. On closer review with Azure I see now that it is a bootstrap script. I found sk112575 when mentions bootstrap script, but doesnt provide any examples:

Bootstrap Script


Comma separated commands to run on the initial boot.


So if I want to set my default route in the bootstrap script is it simply a text file with the clish command to set the default route?

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it's all explained in the admin guide

No need for script/static routes, you need to use Azure UDR.





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