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R80.10 vSec for NSX?

Is there any information available on when R80.10 vSec for NSX will be available? it seems this has been stagnant in it's development. 

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You mean R80.10 vsec gateway?

Below is the download link:

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But I've never successfully deploy r80.10 vsec gateway before, even if install SK120464 vsec controller but still failed on NSX service deployment, so I still use R80.10 sms and R77.30 vsec gateway.

Sometimes threat prevention tag is abnormal(Nothing happen), is there anyone have same issue?

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Employee Alumnus

Hi Chris,

R80.10 CloudGuard for NSX is still in development and getting close to GA.

Of course I can't promise anything or commit to a date, but release should not be very far (hopefully a matter of weeks).

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Sorry...I found that Check_Point_R80.10_T421_OVF_Template_Gaia.tgz is for network mode only, can't be used on this case, my bad....


Just FYI, R80.10 is now available! Find it in sk114518 here.