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Migrating Azure Single Gateway to Cluster HA



Does anyone have any tips on how to successfully connect 2 gateways, deployed as single gateways, into a HA cluster?

There is an active single gateway serving as a remote access gateway, however there is another single gateway that is powered off, and was always planned to be used a 2nd member of the cluster but nobody ever migrated it.


Migration time is now happening - and I am asking for any advice around this. Is it a case of creating a cluster in SC, joining existing and turned off gateway, and making changes on the LB's in Azure?


Thanks in advance

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Hi @MillHouse_ 

From what I understand, that's not an easy thing to do.
For a cluster a frontend and backend loadbalancer is used.

But I did this as follows:

>>> First: Migrate export on the management server <<<

1) Install a new Azure ClusterXL.
2) Create a new ClusterXL objekt and initialize a SIC for ClusterXL gateways.
3) Add the cluster to your policy and  add a license.
4) Add new incoming NAT rules.
5) Install the policy.
6) Create on the frontend Azure load balancer new incomming NAT rules.
7) Change the Azure routing on the backend load balancer.

>>> Now test the environment. <<<

8.) Delete the single gateway in the policy and delete the single gateway objekt.
9) Delete the Azure single gateway.



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This seems a sensible solution. I have the change window later this week. I will report back. I really appreciate your input - and if you think of anything else in the mean time, please let me know!
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