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Gateway configuration on AWS instances

Hello, i created a simple lab with standalone Check Point r80.10 VM and a Linux (Ubuntu server) instance on AWS.

The internal interface and Linux server are in the same subnet ( The IP address of gateway's internal interface is and the Linux instance have IP The AWS system configured as Linux server gateway and for this reason NAT configuration performed by CP gateway doesnìt work (there isn't return traffic).

I configured a specific route for my current public IP address on Linux srv with as gateway and in this case the maschine is reacheable from internet.

I need to change the default gateway of Linux server manually? This is the normal behaviour?

During the Check Point instance configuration i selected the option for distribuite the CP as gateway...

Thanks a lot

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Please see my article .

I believe the first one addressing your requirements.

You have to have a route table associated with the internal subnet pointing to the gateway's internal IP.

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Hello, thanks a lot, we will update you during the next days.

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Hello, we correcred the route table linked to internal subnet.

The internal server mantein the gw but now the return traffic through CP is OK.

Thanks again