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Alias IP addresses on 1 NIC in Azure CloudGuard

Hi All,

We have a customer trying to go off script and not follow the CP Azure reference architecture, by acquiring public IP addresses from Azure and adding the internal IP addresses as Aliases to the CP Standalone CloudGuard firewall's external NIC. About 20 aliases 😞

The customer has deployed this same setup using R80.10, but wants us to deploy it with R80.20. What are the repercussions of doing this as it is not mentioned anywhere in the reference architecture.

Could hotfixes or patches kill this design ? on physical appliances this is supported, but no mention for CloudGuard.

Please advise on the same.




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The limitations are more on the Azure side.
That said, if this was working in R80.10 on Azure, I'm not aware of anything that would prevent it from being done in R80.20.
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