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AWS CloudGuard Monitoring - CloudWatch

Hello Guys

These is one idea for monitoring your "VPC Security" deployed with CloudGuard devices, use "AWS CloudWatch". Its very simply.

cloudguard vsec aws 

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Would you mind showing the configuration steps that you've had to go through in order to implement this?

There was another discussion earlier regarding logging to CloudWatch: 

I am interested to know what other metrics it is possible to collect and process without parsing the logs from the CloudGuard.

Thank you,


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Vladimir sure , I used the vpn metrics available in cloud watch , and CPU of ec2 CloudGuard instances .

These environment have two vpcs Transit and Security with Vpn connection on both sides , see picture . And another vpcs behind the security vpc.

From these dashboard we can see vpn status, CloudGuard health and tunnels traffic .

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Thank you for replying.

When you are saying "see picture", are you you referring to the original metrics screen or were you planning to include a sketch of a diagram?

Also, please let me know if the "vpn metric available in cloudwatch" requires VPC flow configured to recognize the VPN traffic, or is it capable of doing it naively.

I suspect that the cloudwatch can recognize the VPN traffic, but it should not be able to differentiate between multiple VPN tunnels terminating on the same vSEC gateway without tighter integration with CP APIs.

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Let me explain better, I was talk about the first diagram, and my environment is distributed with below:

OnPremises                                               AWS Cloud

MyDatacenter <> Direct Connection Links <> AWS Transit VPC <> AWS Security VPC <> Spoke VPCs

The Dashboard showing the connections VPNs between VPCs:

AWS Transit VPC <> AWS Security VPC

AWS Security VPC <> Spoke VPCs

For this reason we can see the VPNs metrics

We do not have external VPNs with CloudGuard ex: site to site vpns. But I believe that is possible include to CloudWatch Dashboard, but required the metrics customization or Flow export.

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