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80.10 gateway(vSEC) on VMWare

Is anyone running 80.10 vSEC gateway on VMware in their datacenter (private cloud)?   Our virtualization team is pushing it.  Why or why not?      Raw iron in the datacenter,  vSEC, VMware, and/or  NSX?  

From reseller:

This is list price/core.  Very similar to NSX.  You need NSX to run this though.  You can implement it without NSX, but its not recommended.  NSX is the controller.

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different licenses different cost with bare metal , mostly depends btw on your wm infrastructure tbh

Hello its a good idea, you have more control to provisioning memory and storage, also if you change to new hardware you can put more cores or new processors.

You have to be carefull to have a correct sizing, its not the same a physical core than a vitual core performance, sometimes I put more virtual cores to have similar SPU.



A  concern I've heard is to be careful NOT to allow internet access to the hypervisor, if NSX isn't used.

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