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George_Liu inside CheckMates Taiwan論壇 yesterday
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VTI unnumbered with 3rd party

實作 VTI unnumbered with 3rd party (FortiGate 60C, Juniper SSG5),以下是簡略的 memo 留存。(只記錄我方重點步驟,其餘留default,或二端匹配之VPN設定)VTI unnumbered1. GaIA - add vpn tunnel 1 type unnumbered local peer peergwname dev eth02. GaIA - set static-route xx.xx.xx.xx/yy nextho...

Check Point Automation App for ServiceNow

We are happy to announce the Check Point certified app – automating ServiceNow block requests – is now available on the ServiceNow Store (Check Point App - includes solution brief and product documentation). This app allows our joint customers to ...
George_Liu inside CheckMates Taiwan論壇 3 weeks ago
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Force install Jumbo

(省時間的客官請看 Workaround)前情提要:初始建置:R77.20 ,上過一些 hotfix就地升級 R77.30 失敗,Fresh install R77.30 後 upgrade_import 重建環境歷經幾次因為 Smart Center Crash, resotre 種種問題。需求:Install Jumbo 302處理經過:1. CPUSE 安裝時,發現要 uninstall Take 216,卻失敗2. 檢查 installed_jumbo_take 顯示裝的卻是 ta...
inside CheckMates Taiwan論壇 ‎02-22-2019 07:12:17 PM
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Old logs for R80.x SmartLog and SmartEvent

Hi AllI have successfully generated R80.10 SmartEvent from old logs, and the log files are R77.30 version.If you have the same request to import old logs (Date/version) to R80.x for a view or generate reports, Please refer to&n...
inside CheckMates Taiwan論壇 ‎02-22-2019 07:22:10 AM
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2019 CPX 360 Bangkok Surveys Raffle Winner!

2019 CPX 360 BKK活動圓滿落幕,你是否也對這些精采內容感到振奮不已,也參與每天的隨機調查呢?恭喜我們臺灣團隊的Channel Sales Ada成為2019開年最幸運的人,驚喜獲得活動獎勵Apple Watch 4!Congratulations! Our team member Ada Hsieh‌ to be the CPX360 BKK surveys winner!#The Future of Cyber Securi...
inside CheckMates Taiwan論壇 ‎02-22-2019 06:57:57 AM
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inside CheckMates Taiwan論壇 ‎01-15-2019 06:09:05 PM
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2019 January Threat Intelligence Report(Weekly)

Hi Mates,Happy new year!Welcome to the new cyber attack generation, you have to pay much more attention to the security risk in 2019.2019 1月份的全球威脅情資報告都會更新在這篇貼文中,請參考!
Wang_Shu-fan inside CheckMates Taiwan論壇 ‎12-12-2018 03:32:45 AM
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Demo license的狀態更新(sk114615 with error id: 7)

各位先進大大 大家好小弟於前天日子一直在測試R80.1 IPS的一些功能在展延測R80.1 Cluster A/A HOTFIX 154 試環境的license在展延之前IPS 的狀態如下license Status 為 Active Expiration Date 為 明天到期Additional info 為 空新的Demo license  下去之後變成如下圖所示license Status 為 N/AExpiration Date 為 空Additio...
RickLin inside CheckMates Taiwan論壇 ‎12-11-2018 12:46:19 PM
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在Gaia OS上除了tcpdump ,還有新的工具cppcap可以使用

從 sk141412 瞭解到某些情況下使用tcpdump會造成 CPU High因此 CheckPoint開發新的工具cppcap (需額外安裝,R80.20 亦不例外) 
Kul_Chuhan inside CheckMates Taiwan論壇 ‎12-10-2018 10:37:57 AM
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Unable to get logs on my Management server

I am here at the head office and we have R80.10 installed on the management ServerI can get logs from the firewall at my head office but i cant get any logs from the branch offices located in other places.Uri Bialik‌Omer ArmanKyle ReynoldsBob Bent...
inside CheckMates Taiwan論壇 ‎12-06-2018 10:05:00 AM
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2018 December Threat Intelligence Report(Weekly)

2018 12月份的全球威脅情資報告都會更新在這篇貼文中,請參考!
inside CheckMates Taiwan論壇 ‎11-29-2018 02:42:17 PM
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2018 Q1最新中文簡報檔(Partner Edition)

Hello All,請參考最新的簡報檔資料,如需要可編輯的PPT檔案請按讚,並於評論中+1我會另外提供下載連結。Cheers!Danny Yang
inside CheckMates Taiwan論壇 ‎11-28-2018 04:47:55 AM
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2018 November Threat Intelligence Report(Weekly)

2018 11月份的全球威脅情資報告都會更新在這篇貼文中,請參考!
inside CheckMates Taiwan論壇 ‎11-20-2018 05:02:02 PM
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Offline Rule base matching command(R80.x)

Hi All,fw up_execute (offline rule based execution)這個指令的output, 可以檢查gateway rule matching如果客戶想知道某些服務會命中到哪些規則,就不用去查那些accept或drop log了,這是直接比對rule base DB的結果。只有R80.10以後才有支援,R80.20才有文件資料。
inside CheckMates Taiwan論壇 ‎11-12-2018 08:32:06 AM
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R80.10 Security Management - Performance Tuning Guide

Hello all,在升級到R80.10之後有許多的新功能,不過對於Management Server有較高的性能要求。以下的文件是R80.10 Security Management Server的Performance Tuning Guide,如果目前的SMS有遇到一些效能挑戰的話,可以參考看看:R80.10 Security Management - Performance Tuning Guide - Check Point Software Technologies ...