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Check Point for Beginners Lectures Series. Part 5 - Gaia WebUI and CLI


Part 1 - Architecture

Part 2 - Preparing the Lab         

Part 3 - Installing Security Management Server

Part 4 - Installing Security Gateway    

Part 5 - Gaia WebUI and CLI    <--- You are here 

Part 6 - Working with SmartConsole 

Part 7 - Managing Security Policies 

Part 8 - Network Address Translation 

Part 9 - Application Control, URL Filtering and Content Awareness

Part 10 - Identity Awareness

Part 11 - Threat Prevention

Part 12 - Logs and Reporting



In this lecture, we will talk about managing the Operating System of Gaia based Check Point devices, finalize configuration of our Security Gateway, and introduce the Command Line Interface (CLI).


Gaia Management Tools

 To function properly, Check Point devices need some OS level settings: IP addresses, routing parameters, DNS, DHCP, SNMP, system updates, and backup settings. OS parameters can be managed either through WebUI or CLI.



We have already touched the Gaia WebUI during initialization of our lab machine

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