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Check Point For Beginners Lectures Series. Part 12 - Logs and Reporting



Part 1 - Architecture                

Part 2 - Preparing the Lab 

Part 3 - Installing Security Management Server

Part 4 - Installing Security Gateway

Part 5 - Gaia WebUI and CLI 

Part 6 - Working with SmartConsole 

Part 7 - Managing Security Policies 

Part 8 - Network Address Translation 

Part 9 - Application Control, URL Filtering and Content Awareness

Part 10 - Identity Awareness

Part 11 - Threat Prevention                          

Part 12 - Logs and Reporting                <--- You are here



Logging and Reporting are major points for any security solution. In this lecture, we talk about working with logs and security reports in our Check Point environment.

New User Interface

Check Point has completely re-worked the admin user interfaces in the R80 versions. If you have some experience with previous versions (R77 and below), you can appreciate how many different utilities are now unified under Logs & Monitor tab in SmartConsole:



Let’s take a closer look. Go to Lo

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