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Part 2 - Preparing the Lab


Our lectures are designed for mastering both theoretical and practical aspects of Check Point products. Before moving forward, we need to build a lab environment. All further discussions have in mind the virtualization lab setup described below.

Attention: this document refers to R80.10 version. You can use exactly the same settings to run any of R80.x versions in the lab.

Virtual Lab

The virtual lab layout is presented on the diagram below.





It consists of five virtual machines

  • Security Management Server (SMS)
  • Security Gateway (SG)
  • Lab User PC
  • PC with SmartConsole[1]
  • Windows Server (Active Directory and IIS are enabled)


Virtualization platform

While we are using VMware Workstation 14 in our lab, you can also use ESXI or Virtual box as a virtualization platform.


Installation Software Images

To install and setup all Check Point machines you need R80.10 Check Point ISO file. It is available here

TO READ THE FULL POST it's simple and free

good contents to understand the network diagram


As I tried the lab, the VMs are isntalled, bute SMS and GW are not startet. (No one mentioned on how to use the provided lab)

Okay, so I startet SMS ans GW with the Proxmox-VE webinterface.

But withou success, on connecting with smartConsole the connection gets refused, maybe due to no license.

Do you mean, we should install the ISO files on the Proxmox-VE ?


okay my lab ends here, I need a trial license, but don't know how to get one.
The license on the machines endet about a month ago on 01-Jul-2021


@aheilmaier Re-install, you will have 15 days trial license on all new machines. 

Also, we provide you with a free cloud based virtual lab, look here:



Thank's @_Val_ , as I missed the setup videos I was not aware on how to intstall the new VMs. Instead I just startet the shutdown SMS and GW VMs. These VMs had no valid license anymore.

So with the videos I managed to install the new SMS+GW VMs



@aheilmaier Glad to hear that.