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Client cert renewals


a little question for those who have deployed Capsule workspace with client certificates a few years back. We currently deploy this app with client certificates who last for 2 years. I am wondering what will happen in 2 years.

How easy is it to renew these certificates? Is this a manual process? Will we have to send new certificates with a mail with QR code? I hope not...

What is your experience with the renewal?

Kind regards,

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Re: Client cert renewals

I asked this to a Capsule support engineer while I was busy working on a ticket for another issue. 

The reply was that the endusers get notified that the client certificate will have to be renewed and the endusers will get an option to renew this themselves. So no intervention needed by admins.

We'll see in about 2 years what it will truly be. Still weird none of the CheckMate folks seem to have setups where the client certs are already 2 years in use...can no one confirm this behaviour?

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Re: Client cert renewals

My own experience as a user of these products is basically what you describe.

That said, I also change devices a bit more frequently than the average person, so I'm always needing new certificates.

Which might explain why there wasn't any feedback on this one from the community, because they are similar Smiley Happy

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