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Capsule Docs App issues ISWMGR

So I was using Capsule Docs App (not viewer as the performance was shockingly bad).  However, although I could now read my protected content without issue in Adobe, whenever I opened a MS Office application my Cylance protection kicked in for ISWMGR.exe (potential exploit) and rendered my whole office suite unusable.

The only option was to uninstall Capsule Docs.

Has anyone else experienced the same or similar issue?

Windows 10 64bit OS

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Re: Capsule Docs App issues ISWMGR

Hi John,

you need to allow ISWMGR in Cylance and then reinstall.

Works fine for me.

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Re: Capsule Docs App issues ISWMGR


I have the same problem on Windows 10 x64

Antivirus is ESET V7

The failing process is ISWMGR.exe

if I kill the NEON.exe all Office-Applications work fine.

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Re: Capsule Docs App issues ISWMGR

Hi buddy, facing kind of similar issue, did you get any permanent way out as of now?



Noel Smith

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