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CloudGuard AppSec | Product News - December 2022

Hi CloudGuarders!
So.. December is near an end, 2022 as well and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's 🌈

1GH email Signture.jpg

What's new in CloudGuard AppSec this month?

  • New file-based limits that can be enforced in File Security (Still in EA):
    When browsing to Assets, editing a new asset, and configuring the Threat Prevention tab, it is now possible to configure 2 additional file-based limits:
    • Blocking files that exceed a configured size.
    • Blocking un-named files, where the title name was not provided in the Content-disposition header (according to RFC-1521).

That's it for now, we are working on exciting new stuff for you!

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That is great and thanks for the update

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