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API / CLI Discussion and Samples

See our API Reference Guide to get using our APIs (including via the CLI)! If you have questions on how to use any of our APIs, including via the CLI using mgmt_cli, this is the place to look for help and code samples!

inside API / CLI Discussion and Samples 12 hours ago
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MDS - Global search across CMAs (by IP)

I was asked to post this publicly. This is something I wrote for one of my accounts to be able to search across all CMAs for an IP address. It's a really straight forward function. The script crawls your domains and creates a search function script that it executes which then searches each CMA for t...
inside API / CLI Discussion and Samples yesterday
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Disable/Delete Rules with a Zero Hit Count (MDS or SMS)

**v3 and above now allows you to pick a specific access layer** **v4 added new functions thanks to user feedback. Now has the ability to navigate around section title headers and to handle of any size****v5 with a lot of work by Vincent Bacher‌ he determined that some larger policies need a time spe...

Is rule part of section?

Hello, As the Subject says, I would like to check if a specific rule is or is not part of the section. Example: My goal is to check if rule number 3 is part of "access-section" or not.I can check all sections and check "from" and "to" and compare it with specific rule. But is there any other soluti...

mgmt_cli script to add interfaces

Hi,I'm looking at deploying a few clusters with 15-20 vlans each. Running 80.30. I was wondering if I could do a batch job via a csv source file?Is there a script that I could use to do this please?

Check Point provider on Terraform is officially live!

      Hello all! We are glad to announce that Check Point provider on Terraform is officially live! Terraform is a very well-known solution for building, changing and versioning infrastructure. Terraform is cloud-agnostic and allows a single configuration to be used to manage multiple providers, an...

Scripts in Python

Good Afternoon,I like to know if I can develop scripts in Python. If someone have information about I appreciate your answer. ThanksBRLenin

Inventory gateway script

New to scripting , how do I run gateway-inventory script on MDS?
Sven_Glock inside API / CLI Discussion and Samples Thursday
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SmartConsole Scripts Repository use cases and experience

Hi Community,this week I recognized that I never have checked if there is a benefit in using SmartConsole's Scripts repository.After reading I decided to implement my first scr...

Enabling CORS

Hi Checkmates,Project:- Developing a Customized web portal using Checkpoint API for different users via C# .Problem:- i made a add-host API call to checkpoint FW and getting the error in Browser >>Console. Error:-OPTIONS https://<FW_management_ip>/web_api/add-host 401(Unauthorized)Access to XMLHttpR...

Not able to convert the ASA configuration using smart move tool

Am trying to convert my ASA config to CheckPoint by SmartMove and receive following error message:could not parse configuration file.Message: Unable to case object of type "ciscoMigration.cisco_groupobject" to type "Ciscomigration.cisco_object"Module: CiscoMigrationClass: Cisco_RouteMethod: ParsePls...

Retrieve policy details using api

I am trying to write a script to retrieve all policy details of R80 using web services api. I used show-package command to retrieve all policy package details . Also i made details-level full to retrieve all possible info. I wonder if this call will retrieve all the information about the package and...
israelgl inside API / CLI Discussion and Samples a week ago
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adding network object with mgmt_cli batch CSV file

i try to add number of network object with cli tool but i received an error.i followed sk113078 and did exactly the same and received the error:Line 2: code: "generic_err_invalid_parameter_name"message: "Unrecognized parameter [name]"Line 3: code: "generic_err_invalid_parameter_name"message: "Unreco...
snagadiya inside API / CLI Discussion and Samples a week ago
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Query API with Feature extraction sends response with extract_result CP_EXTRACT_RESULT_NOT_SCRUBBED

Hi Experts, I am always getting extract result "CP_EXTRACT_RESULT_NOT_SCRUBBED" from query api. Please find my request below. Request#1Upload API request:{\"request\":{\"file_name\":\"DOCX.docx\",\"file_type\": \"docx\",\"features\":[\"extraction\"],\"extraction\":{\"method\":\"clean\"}}}Upload API ...

Python scripts to clone objects from local domain to global domain

OverviewThese scripts copy objects from a given local domain to the global domain.These scripts use the Python library Python library for using the management APIsDescriptionIn order to clone single object that his type is known run 'local_<object type>' -o <Object id> <Flags>In order t...

Is there a way to make API calls using other methods for authentication?

We are exploring the vast wonders of the R80.30 API commands and would like to expand further but have some security concerns.  What we need is a way to make API calls (that does more than read) and not have to hard code the credentials into the call itself.Is there some type of API key that can be ...