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add protocols to add-service-tcp

I'm looking for a way to add a service with the API with the standard protocols.  For example, add-service-tcp for port 8000 that uses the http protocol.  Instead of creating a generic tcp 8000 object, we'd like to create an http object that runs on 8000.

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This is possible in API version 1.1 which is a part of R80.10!

You have to call add-service-tcp command with the next payload:


  "match-by-protocol-signature": "true",

  "name": "http_on_8000",

  "port": "8000",

  "protocol": "http"


CLI example:

mgmt_cli -r true add service-tcp name http_on_8000 protocol http port 8000 match-by-protocol-signature true

Documentation reference:

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