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VSX Provisioning tool -> Create Cluster VSX


I am trying to deploy a vsx cluster automatically. I have heard, this is possible in the new version R80.10.

I have trying using the following command:

##vsx_provisioning_tool -L -f file


add vsx name VSXCluster_Name type cluster cluster_type ha main_ip version R80.10 sync_if_name eth1 sync_netmask rule_ssh enable rule_ping enable

add vsx_member Prueba_1 main_ip sync_ip sic_opt vpn123

add vsx_member Prueba_2 main_ip sync_ip sic_opt vpn12

But when I execute it, I get the following error. Has anyone tryed to do this by cli?

Error: VSX cluster with less than 2 members cannot be created.
Failed to execute line number 1

Thank you


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Re: VSX Provisioning tool -> Create Cluster VSX


I never used vsx_provisioning_tool on R80.10 but on R77.30 to make that kind of configuration you have to start a transaction.

Try to start your script with:

transaction begin

Put your commands here;

Finnish with:

transaction end

Re: VSX Provisioning tool -> Create Cluster VSX

Agree with Ivo. We didn't create actual VS with the tool but populated all interfaces and routes during migration from appliance to the chassis. Worked like a charm.