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Is it possible to use the API to batch create users?

We want to add a lot of users at the same time (they will be used for remote VPN logins, i.e., we are not talking about gaia or admin users..

The API has great support for adding network objects and the like, but we have not found a way to easily add users.. Unfortunately, we do not have an easy way to use templates or AD groups either, so at this time we would really like to have a way to batch add a lot of users..

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Re: Is it possible to use the API to batch create users?

I don't believe the API supports this currently.

However, you can still do this with dbedit.

The following dbedit script will:

  • Create the user group "Marketing"
  • Create the user joe.roberts
  • Set authentication method to "Internal Password"
  • Add user to Marketing group
  • Set his password to vpn123

create user_group Marketing

create user joe.roberts

modify users joe.roberts auth_method "Internal Password"

addelement users joe.roberts groups users:Marketing


set_pass joe.roberts vpn123


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