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How to fetch/export Configuration and Rule File?

Hi all,

I want to fetch/export configuration and rule file from Management server, if possible please suggest the Cli command or Restful API commands.

In Sonicwall firewall, i used below command to fetch configuration and rule file:

For Configuration:

  • export current-config exp scp scp://${UserInput:scp_username}:${UserInput:scp_password}@${UserInput:scp_server_address}/${UserInput:file_name}

For Rule:

  • show access-rules

Please share the equivalent commands for Checkpoint device. 

Thanks & Regards,
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Re: How to fetch/export Configuration and Rule File?

It depends on your actual needs / purpose - why are you trying to execute these.

For backup just use CLI and it will save both mgmt Gaia config and actual rulebase

backup scp ip path / username <username> password <password>

But if you simply want to see Gaia configuration run "show configuration" from CLISH

As for exporting rules to text using API - just search this forum, there are number of tools already written for many options HTML, CSV, etc

really depends what you are trying to achieve


Re: How to fetch/export Configuration and Rule File?

We have several examples in Developers (Code Hub)

The API/CLI docs are here: Check Point - Management API reference 

The command you're looking for is show access-rulebase which requires, as a parameter, the name/UID of the access layer in question.

You can see all the rulebases/layers using the command show access-layers.

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Re: How to fetch/export Configuration and Rule File?

off topic: PhoneBoy and even does point anyone to
"A newer API reference is available ... . But there I ever find only a menu without content - - is this some sort of "running gag"?