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Creating a CPuse package

I am trying to utilize CPUSE on a gateway to install a shell scripts and run a few commands.

There may be better ways to install a shell script, but this allows the admin to install the script via web browser.


I have not been able to find documentation on how to create a CPuse file.

Link anyone ?



I tried to create a pkg but I am just guessing at the structure.

When running installer import local, I am getting a read error with the file hf.config


FW-LAB> installer import local /home/admin/ABC_Install_package.tgz

Preparing package for import. This operation might take a few moments

Note: The selected package will be copied into CPUSE repository

Info: Initiating import of ABC_Install_package.tgz...

Interactive mode is enabled. Press CTRL + C to exit (this will not stop the operation)

Result: Import of package ABC_Install_package.tgz Failed

Error occurred while trying to read hf.config file.


cat hf.config






PATCH_NAME= ABC_Install_package




[Expert@FW-LAB:0]# ls -l

total 20

drwxr-xr-x 2 admin root 4096 Feb 27 09:23 CheckPoint#fw1#ALL#6.0#4#8#ABC_Install_package

-rwxr-xr-x 1 admin root 1784 Feb 27 09:44 bundle.xml

-rw-rw-r-- 1 admin root 171 Feb 27 09:58 hf.config

drwxr-xr-x 2 admin root 4096 Feb 27 09:43 scripts

-rw-rw-r-- 1 admin root   7 Feb 27 10:48 take_number.conf

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Re: Creating a CPuse package

Why not to use CDT? For distribution of files and running scripts on gateways..

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Re: Creating a CPuse package

You don't create your own CPUSE package, that isn't really a thing I've ever heard of, you should use the scrips repository in SmartConsole. I think it will accomplish what you are looking for.

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Re: Creating a CPuse package

I am already utilize the repository for running scripts, how can i copy a binary file to the gateway from the CMA without hard coding the password ? SIC ?

Since we are talking about the repository, any idea on how to maintain the same script across multiple(10+) domains/CMAs. Can this happen at the global level ?

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Re: Creating a CPuse package

I'm with Martin Valenta‌ on this, CDT is the right tool for the job here.

You can copy files to your remote gateways (e.g. a tarball), among many other things.

Central Deployment Tool (CDT) 

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Re: Creating a CPuse package

CDT is a command line tool, i have not seen a gui version.

looking for a gui tool for a junior admin

the file only need to be installed on gateway after onboarding.

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Re: Creating a CPuse package

There is an API call called put-file that can copy a file to a gateway.

Of course that's not a GUI option Smiley Happy

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