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Connecting CheckPoint Management Server using SOCKS Proxy


I'm trying to connect to checkpoint Web API using socks proxy. Would CheckPoint support request via SOCKS Proxy? 


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Provided what comes toward the management server is a regular HTTPS connection, I don't see why not.
Note that none of Check Point's standard tools support usage via a SOCKS proxy.
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API is running on management server

# api status

API Settings:
Accessibility: Require ip
Automatic Start: Enabled


Name State PID More Information
API Started 10699
CPM Started 5938 Check Point Security Management Server is running and ready
FWM Started 3905
APACHE Started 5043

Port Details:
JETTY Internal Port: 50276
APACHE Gaia Port: 443
Apache port retrieved from: httpd-ssl.conf

Overall API Status: Started

API readiness test SUCCESSFUL. The server is up and ready to receive connections

To collect troubleshooting data, please run 'api status -s <comment>'


POST https ://<managementserverip>/web_api/v1.3/login and https ://<managementserverip>/web_api/login

request header and body are set appropriately.

response body show the below error

"You don't have permission to access" 
Note: Management API has been set to "All IP address that can be used for GUI Clients" 
What additional setting that I miss?
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The output of API status suggests that all IPs are not, in fact, allowed to access the API server.
Did you publish the change and restart the API server afterwords?
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