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C# library for using R80 management web-services


Attached a C# bundle which contains a library (CPAPI) that simplifies usage of the Check Point management APIs.

The library comes with an example that demonstrates how to find disabled rules in access layers of a given package and a 'tester' that demonstrates how to add a new host using API library.


A C# code that uses a Check Point CPAPI library that handles all the communication with the Check Point management server.


Unzip the attached bundle.

Load the example sources to a C# IDE (visual Studio 2015).

Add to the project's classpath the dependent libraries from the lib folder.

Tested on version

R80, API version 1.0

Source Code Availability

The source code is now public on GitHub repository:

GitHub - CheckPoint-APIs-Team/cpapi-csharp-sdk: Check Point API C# Development Kit 

NOTICE: By using this sample code you agree to terms and conditions in this Not authorized to view the specified document 1042


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Uri kudos to you and all the team, I did not test it but the code you wrote looks very nice, I remember the good old days working at AlgoSec(4 years at the support and 1 year as a developer), we used to connect via opsec or ssh to collect policy configuration and logs, it seems life are much easier now 🙂 with R80 and the new API.

Have a great weekend



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This source code is now an open source, hosted on GitHub:

GitHub - CheckPoint-APIs-Team/cpapi-c-sharp-sdk: Check Point API C# Development Kit 

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