Hey Google, what build of SmartConsole do I have installed?

Poll created by Enis Dunic on Dec 3, 2018

I'm not sure since I'm a bit confused (That's what Google home would have answered if it were possible).


This is not a big problem but very confusing I must say. Let's see why. In this example we use build 029 and build 089 which is the latest build.



You currently have build 029 installed on your machine to manage your management server. You open up Control Panel on your Windows machine and find out that build 029 is version 6.5.1 in Windows.


Alright. Then you open up SmartConsole and choose about Check Point SmartConsole and get this:

So you have to understand that when you have installed build 029 on your management server and on your Windows machine that it's version 6.5.1 in Windows and build 991140073 in Smart Console. That wasn't hard was it?



After installation of the latest build 089



I'm pretty sure that it exists a sk explaining that 991140073 is build 029 and 991140089 is build 089 but why make it so hard? All we want is to know if we have the latest build installed on our Windows machines. 


Vladmir Yakovlev suggested something very simple, include build number when you start up Smart Console:


Now let's vote. 


Should Check Point include build number on the startup of SmartConsole?

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  • Yes they should
  • No. Not necessary. I love mistery.