Vote for R77.30 support extension

Poll created by Danny Jung Champion on Sep 13, 2018

Check Point R77.30 support expiration is near.

Regarding Check Point's Support Life Cycle Policy it will expire in September 2019!



While R80.20 is now Check Point's default recommendation and runs quite stable already, it doesn't feature all functions R77.30 has and is still being heavily developed. End users and partners are desperately waiting for newer releases, such as R80.20 GA for gateways and the first hotfixes in order to adopt to it after thorough planning, preparation and testing. This takes time while the support end for R77.30 is very close.


R77.30 on the other hand is proven to run stable, is well patched, latest jumbo hotfixes often just refer to rare scenarios. End users know how to manage it and need time to adopt to the all new R80 workflow. They use tools like SmartWorkflow that they need to completely rethink after migrating to R80. Even simple tasks, such as searching for objects with duplicate IP addresses, which were just a click away in SmartDashboard R77.30 now require to install and run python scripts in R80. Many additional topics could be easily mentioned here that will surely be cool with R80.x in the future but are currently still under development.


Do you think Check Point should publicly extend R77.30 support, at least for another year?

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  • Extend R77.30 support!
  • Let it expire in September 2019!