CCSA/CCSE certification study material at CP community

Poll created by Enis Dunic on Aug 20, 2018

First I would like to say that this community is the place to go if you need help and also a place where everyone share their knowledge and tries to help each other. Also being so close to the experts at Check Point is great and makes this community unique and great but it's also a great way for Check Point to get feedback from customers to improve their products even more and see what people struggle about. That said, I suggest to make this community even better and to raise up the level/knowledge even more for those that work with Check Point products every day. 


Attending a CCSA course forexample takes 3 days and costs around 3000 USD. Let's be honest, not everyone can afford that or get that covered or have ability to take 3 days off work. My idea is to have all the study material/labs for self study available here at this community for both CCSA and CCSE exam. Attending a live course will always have advantage over self studying and you don't need to setup your own virtual environment. If Check Point would allow us to have a dedicated place under this community where users can contribute with the materal for CCSA and CCSE exam and sort of have an approved mark from someone at Check Point for the contributed materials so that the information is correct and validated. The material would have to be divided into two parts, a part covering all the topics and then the related lab excercises. It could be divided according to the data sheet from Check Point like this for CCSA:



• Introduction to Check Point Technology

• Security Policy Management

• Policy Layers

• Check Point Security Solutions and Licensing

• Traffic Visibility

• Basic Concepts of VPN

• Managing User Access

• Working with ClusterXL

• Administrator Task Implementation



• Working with Gaia Portal

• Modifying an Existing Security Policy

• Configuring Hide and Static NAT

• Managing Administrator Access

• Installing and Managing a Remote Security Gateway

• Managing Backups

• Defining Access Control Policy Layers

• Defining and Sharing Security Policy Layers

• Working with Licenses and Contracts

• Working with Check Point Logs

• Maintaining Check Point Logs

• Configuring a Site-to-Site VPN

• Providing User Access

• Working with Cluster XL

• Verifying Network Compliance

• Working with CP View


I hope i managed to explain my idea correctly. What do you guys think? 


Why am I not allowed to publish this voting on other places than Developers (code hub)? 

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