fw ctl zdebug - yea or nay?

Poll created by Valeri Loukine Moderator on Aug 18, 2018

Hello everyone. 


My position towards zdebug practice is known for quite some time. On every Troubelshooting course relivede I was explaining why I do not want my students to use fw ctl zdebug. Last year I have also published an article at my blog about this: CCMA's blog: Kernel debug Best Practices or "Why "fw ctl zdebug..." should not be used" 


However, since this undocumented macros leaked out from Check Point R&D about 15 years ago, I see more and more people using it, and to my dismay, SK articles with this command. 


So, to put the matter to rest, I want to check what you guys are thinking about this practice. Let's put it to the vote. The poll will be closing in two weeks from now.


Thanks for participating. 

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  • I use it all the time, with different flags and all. I like it
  • I only use "fw ctl zdebug drop" when I am on the hurry to fix a burning issue. I understand its limitations and agree it is to avoid
  • I never use it and I discourage others from using it.