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Radek Cernousek
Hello All,   Can somebody tell me if there is any possibility how to add a Cluster to the Mgmt (CMA) over the API?   I found only the "add-simple-gateway" but nothign else?   Thanks for info Radek
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Keith Richards
Any idea what is going wrong with this batch operation to add a couple of rules? C:\Users\admin>mgmt_cli -m -u api_user -p ****** add access-rule -b rule2.csv Error occured during parsing of CSV file. Line 1 column 6: Unexpected character in the end of line. Failed to read parameters file [rule2.csv]: Invalid format… (Show more)
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Michael Pokrovskiy
Any plans to add Golang SDK to the current collection (Python, C#, Java)?
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Edwin Graham
Hey everybody,   I am new to Checkpoint CLI and I want to organize and view certain things.   How would I be able to view all network objects, rules, etc?   I guess what commands would I use?
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Matt Phelps
Is there any way to get a list of all CategorizationOverride objects with the API? I know you can do this with hosts, networks, applications and such by Posting a JSON object to the /show-objects endpoint, but it does not appear to work for objects with the CategorizationOverride type.   Works: { "limit" : 50, "offset" : 0, "order" : [ {… (Show more)
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