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Raj Khatri
Does anyone have an API script to retrieve gateway VPN certificate details?  We would like to get a list of all gateways in a multi-domain environment that shows the expiration date for the VPN certificate.  I understand an expiration warning is shown during policy install but there are cases whereby the policy is not installed for quite some time… (Show more)
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Neil ZInk
Dear CheckMates   I am trying to batch out large number of NAT changes on existing objects.  CLI command looks like:   set host name "NatTest" "true" nat-settings.ip-address "X.X.X.X" nat-settings.method "hide" nat-settings.install-on "checkPointCluster"   I tried using Batch method with following CSV.… (Show more)
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Andrew Gillmore
Hey all,   I'm having some issues with setting the limit of the show access-rulebase API command. I try to pull the whole rulebase (limit 500) I receive the errors below. However I did a little testing and seem to have found a "sweet spot" with the limit setting. If I request a limit of 186 or below it works fine, however if I try 187 or above… (Show more)
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Marc Lampo
With dbedit it is possible to start operations without authenticating : dbedit -local ... does not require to enter adminname and password.   mgmt_cli always needs a login phase to start the session. For scripts (like run from cron) this means that adminname and credentials must somehow be available to the script. Consequently, if the developer… (Show more)
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Jun Liang Seow
Hi,   I'm facing an odd error when publishing for some rules. This might not be an API issue but R80.10 issue. This is the error I got from R80.10 after publishing - it happens only to some of the Policy Packages...   Error: Publish failed because of validation errors   I'm aware of verification but what is the validation errors for publishing… (Show more)
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Giridhar Sasidharan
Hi, Is am looking to get a documentation to run scrips in clish mode... (Without going to expert bash ).. i wanted to connect to ftp and put some command outputs in ftp using script running in firewall clish.. Please let me know if you have any info. Thanks, Giridhar
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Ekta Siwani
Hi,   I have a multi-domain server (Provider 1) with a domain (without any global policy assigned). Tried creating a rule using R80.10 API but it shows "Requested object [Network] not found" error. I am able to log in, create a host but not able to do anything which requires layer information using R80.10 API. Tried creating a new layer as… (Show more)
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Arun R
Hi Team,   Has anyone have any idea about RedBoot ransomware and how to prevent it by using IPS/Anti-bot/Anti-Virus blade's:   Is any specific protection/Signature needs to prevent in order to avoid such issues on business premises?   Regards,   Arun.R (Hari)
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Vanesa Benito Olivares
Hi,   I am trying to deploy a vsx cluster automatically. I have heard, this is possible in the new version R80.10. I have trying using the following command: ##vsx_provisioning_tool -L -f file   file: add vsx name VSXCluster_Name type cluster cluster_type ha main_ip version R80.10 sync_if_name eth1 sync_netmask… (Show more)
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Luis Miguel Miguel
Hi,   I am aware of commands like fw load, fw fetch , dbver and also I know that the database policy repository is at $FWDIR/conf/db_versions/repository/. So I was wondering if there is a way to restore a database revision policy from the GAIA CLI?   Luis
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Hi, I'm having an issue testing the v1.1 web-api. I can perform the initial login correctly and get the following response -   [uid:0529db8e-495a-4021-9826-e05ffa17baf5, sid:EYWMOM37tdp8Ji-SG9ioDlKR1Poop795DgwWqvyCe7c, url:, session-timeout:600, last-login-was-at:[posix:1506825546427,… (Show more)
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