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Siva Vignesh
If my Active device went Hang mode, I guess the CCP Packets will not be send and now its State by device time to start initiating the CCP and take over the active device state but this is not normally happening, If the active device went Hang mode even then the secondary remains in statndy.   Could you please explain why this strange things… (Show more)
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daniel prestes
HI, I am trying to do a report which has the source, destination, service, action and rule ID as fields. I am having problems when I try to find the rule Id as a field because I only have these posibilities:   Anyone know how to add the field of rule ID? What I am doing is a table inside the report. I know that I can do a filter of the logs… (Show more)
Juan Carlos
Hello,   I need to find a way to automate Administrators creation with RADIUS authentication on several Security Sanagement Servers. I don't want the RADIUS administrator to connect on each Security Management Server to creates the Administrators (he is not allowed to do that). I have tried to use the API but unfortunately I got the following… (Show more)
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Heiko Ankenbrand
Introduction   This document describes the content inspection in a Check Point R80.10 and above gateways. Context Management Infrastructure (CMI) is the "brain" of the content inspection and use more different modules (CMI Loader, PSL vs. PXL, Protocol Parsers, Pattern Matcher, Protections and new in R80.10 NGTP Architecture) for content…
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Nofar a
Hi guys!   Any idea as to how to export /var/log/audit/audit.log from R77.30 GW? Normally I would have done it with audispd, but it's missing from the GW.   Thanks!
Evgeniy Olkov
Hello. I am trying to use R80.20 for Endpoint Managment Server. But when I upload a package with an agent I got error. My system: Windows 10, DotNet FrameWork 4.7, all security updates. I have tried to upload the package from Windows 7, but have an other error (in attach). From the same PC I can use R77.30 management server. Agent uploading is… (Show more)
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soni kumari
Is this possible to check which database revision control has restored on R77.30 ?
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Bob Bent
Under the hood in R77 the policy matching process for Application Control, anti-malware, DLP (Data Loss Prevention and NAT (Network Address Translation) is done using a column-based search process. In R80.10 this process is now used to match the connection against the unified policy. The resulting match is still the first rule to match from the… (Show more)
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Heiko Ankenbrand
R80.20 release notes are available, no software yet:-(   Link: R80.20 Release Notes 
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Dameon Welch Abernathy
If you can't wait for R80.20 to be released, you can now participate in the Early Availability program. We offer both Production and Public EA versions.   Production EA  Who Qualifies for the Production EA program? We are looking for customers willing to deploy in a production environment and willing to work directly with R&D Existing working… (Show more)
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Luis Ramon Santiago
Hi everyone. I'm begin with checkpoint so my knowledge about R80.x is little. I want to know if exists a way to calculate Power Security Units in R80.10 open server, with objetive to get a comparison vs appliance.   Thanks for advanced !
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Hugo van der Kooij
Hi,   I am currently trying to wrap the syslog output of a Barracuda Email Security gateway into the Check Point.   While I have seen the LEA fields document of 2011 it seem to me I am missing rather a lot as far as email is concerned. But I might just be missing them.   It seems the "from" field works sometimes but not all lines are parsed… (Show more)
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