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Giancarlo Cotta Ramusino
Hi I understood that is possible to collect file for the emulator from Gateway, span port and MTA. I understood that MTA takes the role of the Exchange Server. But I found this slide that show a Exchange that send file to emulator. I'cannot find information that explain if Exchange Server can send file to emulator or not. Thanks for you help.… (Show more)
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Alan Kong
Failed to install checkpoint VPN e80.83 on windows 10 pro. I encountered this error:   Error 26630. Failed to copy driver   While installing virtual network adapter and installling network driver. Previously I had some virtual network adapter issue in e80.82 and wanted to resolve it by installing e80.83.   i am the administrator for the system… (Show more)
Gianluca Giordano
Hi mates I meet a problem in all enviroment where management server and log server are separeted servers. The version is R80.10 The problem is related to log generated from new gateways. The logs are sent to the logserverbut they are not written in the database. During my investigation and debugging the daemon on logserver, I found out the… (Show more)
Gomboragchaa Jamganjav
I am trying to replace Checkpoint 1490 with 5200(R80.10).  Unfortunately SIP is not passing through over checkpoint. It was dropping SIP 5060 port and I used SIP Security Rule for Proxy in DMZ Topology and created to related rules (from sk95369.) ( dropping packets Reason: post lookup verification failed. and fwconn_key_init_links (OUTBOUND)… (Show more)
in Management (R80.10)
Danny Jung
DiagnosticsView is a new Support Debug Tool  for Check Point Support Engineers. It's a Windows application that replaces InfoView and offers a graphical representation of collected data from CPInfo.   It's layout is highly adjustable and features the general R80 style. Panels can be re-sized, dragged and re-arranged. Thanks Check Point for… (Show more)
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Christian Stückrath
Hi,   I'm wondering, if TX will emulate office documents, which were encrypted using the hard coded "VelvetSweatshop" password. See: Encrypted Office Documents - SANS Internet Storm Center    I cannot test this from here, as I'm not on-site at the moment...
in SandBlast Network
We deployed a new vSec cluster in Azure a few days ago to upgrade our old one.  Support said we could use the old public IP addresses so we moved them from the old resource group.  They worked fine for the members, but in a failover, the API deletes "cluster-vip" and when it tries to recreate it on the new active member, it tries to find the… (Show more)
in CloudGuard (Formerly vSEC)
Ryan Ryan
Hi all,   Having a lot of trouble getting IA working on terminal servers.   I have the agent installed, it shows connected, it shows the username as authenticated. I go to smartlog, I can see a login event with the correct username and server name in the IA blade. I can also see my traffic is coming through with the correct source port range,… (Show more)
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Jozko Mrkvicka
Hello guys,   Simple question: Where are all Objects and Rulebases stored on R80.10 ? On R77 it was supposed to be in /opt/CPsuite-R77/fw1/conf/ and the files were "objects_5_0.C" and "rulebases_5_0.fws". AFAIK in R80 it should be in some table inside database. Is there any way how to access objects and rulebases directly from CLI ? Which table… (Show more)
in Policy Management
Wellington Mello
Hi all, I want to migrate my management via CPUSE, but when I did the verification there were many errors, but of all the fixes I have one that I can not solve, see below:   Title: LTE services are not yet supported ----- * Description: The database contains LTE services that are not yet supported on the R80. 10   These LTE services will be… (Show more)
Tom Thwaites
How do i add an additional external IP to the CloudGuard device in Azure. I've added the new IP in the Azure Portal and attached to the VM, but within the GUI the IP isn't being display?   If i create a new alias within the CG GUI, i can't specify the IP as it doesn't allow for /32 within the subnet mask.   Any help would be really appreciated.… (Show more)
in CloudGuard (Formerly vSEC)
Luigi Vezzoso
Is there a method to configure office mode VPN in interface mode? I need this configuration to require a static route for the VPN client IP ranges and redistribute them via BGP or OSPF.
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Heiko Ankenbrand
Via Check Point Support you get a Syslog exporter for SIME applications for R80.10 Managment. Which allows an easy and secure method for exporting CP logs over syslog. Exporting can be done in few standard protocols and formats. Log Exporter supports: Splunk Arcsight RSA LogRhythm QRadar McAfee Log Exporter is a multi-threaded daemon… (Show more)
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