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Mahab Rashid
I know you can create an AppCtrl rule to limit application traffic by specifying the hours or time period in which the rule is active (Next Generation Security Gateway R80.10 Guide). However, I don't see an option to limit the duration of the traffic by number of hours, minutes etc., i.e. how long a particular application should/can be allowed… (Show more)
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Dalit Ben Izhak
We have R80.10 with jumbo take 70, and we use outlook with office365. We added all the relevant FQDNs and IP addresses from Microsoft, but still, when trying to open new profile in outlook, we are getting blocked.   Many block messages appear, we are not sure which is relevant.   I can see drops of -  for several addresses of  microsoft - dropped… (Show more)
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H. A.
A newer version of the document can be found under the following link:   Symantec (Bluecoat) SG ICAP and Sandblast (TEX)    Because of a technical problem in the Checkmates Portal I start with a new account. If you want to follow me, please click "Follow me" in the new account.
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Keld Norman
I have a Virtual Check Point v. 80.10 running on ESXi and everything works fine ( running on a 1 year trial licence) But I see alot of this error message in the "dmesg" log (when running the command dmesg after ssh to the firewall and switching to expert mode) :    "Invalid license: VE license is required"   If i create a trial licence "Check… (Show more)
in CloudGuard (Formerly vSEC)
Dmitriy Chazov
Good day to all. I started to test the solution CheckPoint R80.10 take 462. Faced an incomprehensible situation for me. After applying the policy, I get the error "The connection with the server was lost. Any unsaved changes are preserved ", after which I can not connect using both SmartConsole and SSH and WebGUI. What I'm doing. I spread out CP… (Show more)
Hello everyone, Customer now uses HTTPS inspection with probe bypass.  He found that he could not access some website. After checked, those website site works only in browsers with SNI support. I found the sk104717 point that the limitation of HTTPS Inspection Bypass Mechanism with enabled Probe Bypass is HTTPS Inspection will not work for sites… (Show more)
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Luciano Miguel
Hello Guys These is one idea for monitoring your "VPC Security" deployed with CloudGuard devices, use "AWS CloudWatch". Its very simply. cloudguard vsec aws   
Siva Vignesh
I have allowed my internal subnet towards internet (ANY) in network policies and I am Blocking some of the Applications (instance : facebook).   Now if i am accessing facebook, how the traffic will flow and logs will be displayed on Smartview Tracker.
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  Hi - R77.30 Using custom applications, I don't see a way to identify an application by destination address and port combination. Is this not currently supported in R77.30 / App control signature tool? I see there are various other ways to define but none that fit this particular case.
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Moti Sagey
Upvote if you want WebUI for Sandblast Agent Nicolas McKerrall Dameon Welch AbernathyDaniel Colwell
Charles Hurst
Hey all,   Purely theoretical unless someone has encountered this...   Is it likely that a companies IT policies would prevent or at least not be too forthcoming with having their SMS internet facing?   I know a lot of companies that would have a management subnet that is not internet facing therefore would not be able to manage remote gateways… (Show more)
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Tom Coussement
We are having problems with some vpn tunnels since we upgraded our firewall gateway to R80.10 (previous R77.30) More specifically between our Check Point R80.10 gateway and Fortigate gateways that are behind a NAT router.     Behaviour: On both firewalls tunnel status is shown as up. When sending traffic from LAN behind Check Point to LAN… (Show more)
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Vato Chantladze
Hi there, The question I still have from latest CPX2018 is the exact date when R80.20 will be officially released or at list EA?  We are waiting for some great features from R80.20 Including:  - Gaia OS will be based on RHEL 7.x distribution what should give countless benefits and features.  - R80.20 will support new ASIC's for 5000, 15000,… (Show more)
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