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Tomer Sole
Operational efficiency has been a key target with R80 and R80.10 SmartConsole.   1. Create or edit a network object anywhere within SmartConsole.     2. Go to a rule where you wish to place the new object. Click the "plus" sign to select the relevant objects.     3. Your last modified objects show up at the top of the picker. After you… (Show more)
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Christian Garcia
Hi Mates, It is possible to change the expert password for many FW at the same time?   We have many FW managed for a Server Magament R 77.30 and we need to change the expert password for about 30 FW 1430.   Thanks
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Evgeniy Andreev
Hello, all! I am trying to understand how to use logs in Smartconsole. Simple situation - i want to find all records regarding I go to logs tab, use Facebook keyword in search tab and get result - some records with "Facebook" in "Appliction" tab. However, if i use not popular site - for example, i can't find any result… (Show more)
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Atlantic Support Account
Hi,    I am told that the smb line is not FIPS 140-2 compliant. Is there a timeline for when the smaller appliances like 1400 and 700 series will be compliant with FIPS 140-2? We are losing small municipalities because they just buy the smallest appliance that fits their compliance mandate and right now it is the 3100 for Check Point. Palo Alto… (Show more)
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Kelly Mccubbin
I've got a list of Snort rules issued to us by a County Government consortium every week or so and no matter what I do, the SnortConvertor won't import them. "0/1316 rules were successfully converted, total of 0 IPS protections were found. For more details please see $FWDIR/log/SnortConvertor.elg file. The configuration is up to date, therefore… (Show more)
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Itamar Kerbel
Hi, I'm trying to block users on my network from using facebook gameroom. I have the 730 firewall. After failing a few time I noticed that the gameroom windows application is just a wrapper for a browser that runs flash games from this makes things problematic as the only way I find at the moment to block facebook gameroom is to… (Show more)
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Prashan Attanayake
what is the reason for happen this ? ;[cpu_2];[fw4_1];fw_log_drop_ex: Packet proto=6 x.x.x.x:30730 -> dropped by fw_first_packet_state_checks Reason: First packet isn't SYN; ;[cpu_1];[fw4_2];fw_log_drop_ex: Packet proto=6 x.x.x.x:30731 -> dropped by fw_first_packet_state_checks Reason: First packet isn't SYN;… (Show more)
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Hugo van der Kooij
I write a Wireshark profile to help you with reading `fw monitor` files.   I wrote a Dutch description on Wireshark Profiles and I guess the screenshots will be sufficient help to get you started for those not savvy in Dutch ;-)   The Short English Version: Create a Dummy personal profile (Name it whatever you like) In WireShark, Goto Help =>… (Show more)
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In R77.30 and earlier IPS packet capture was stored on the gateways as .pcap files and we could retrieve them using "fwm getpcap" over SSH. In R80+, IPS has been moved to Threat Prevention and it seems that packet capture is now being stored as .EML files. Looking at the logs from "fw log", the "packet_capture_unique_id" is now a name, where on… (Show more)
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Anthony Kwang
Hi All,   Not sure if this been asked before. How can i view NAT information in R80.10 Log and Monitor section?   Is it only applicable to Smart View Tracker which is hidden inside smart console folder?   If yes, what about those security gateway in the public or private cloud such as VSEC? how can i view the NAT information?   Thank you.
Olga Kuts
Hi! We have a certain group of destination addresses. We need to calculate the total number of connections for this group for a certain period of time. How can we do this at R80.10 in SmartConsole as well as from cli? It is necessary exactly the number of connections, not events. Thank you!
Muditha Thelisinghe
With SmartLog in R80 how can I search for 'Address Spoofing' logs? Which field should I select? With SmartView Tracker I could add a filter on Information column but with SmartLog I can't do the same.
Chandhrasekar Saravanan
Hi All,   I was successful in adding host object using REST API 'create-host' call   however, it allows me to add only one object at a time, does anyone know a method of adding bulk import of objects at the same time.   Please let me know   Thanks, Chandru Saravanan
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