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Dan Currens
R77.30 combined Gateway and SmartCenter server that passed the pre-upgrade-verifier and upgraded to R80.10 through CPUSE. The upgrade completed without issue.  But when it went to install the policy, two rules that passed the R77.30 Rules Verification did not pass the R80.10 Access Control policy verification and the policy did not install until… (Show more)
Red Hern
I recently bought a 3000-series appliance and am having difficulty connecting it to my network. I have a small business cable internet connection with a regular cable modem. I would like to use my cable modem's DHCP server to keep things simple.   I wired it up like this: Cable Modem Eth0 Port to CheckPoint eth5 Port  CheckPoint eth0 Port… (Show more)
Hugo van der Kooij
I tried to install a wildcard certificate on my R80.10 SmartCenter. In this I followed sk109593 but oddly enough I now get a default certificate. I had another certificate put in there and found that I had to reboot the machine to make it work.   But now the issue has reverted back to some build in certificate. When I restored my previously used… (Show more)
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Vladimir Yakovlev
I'd like to have your input on what components supposed to comprise modern infrastructure security. Check Point undeniably has one of the broadest offerings, but in a real life environments it is frequently paired with and augmented by other products. I'm not so much interested in particular vendor offerings, but in concepts and categories that… (Show more)
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Tom Coussement
I know the inspection points "i", "I", "o" & "O" Now I see for example eth2:e and eth2:E in fw monitor output Is this voor incomming and outgoing encrypted traffic? Can't find it in documentation...
Gaurav Pandya
Hi,   If I have a new checkpoint firewall in a remote site with only 1 rule (internal network) to ANY, Allow. (only the firewall blade is enabled, all other blades are inactive). This new connection is exclusively for VoIP connectivity to a cloud phone service. Is there any recommend or best practice rules/settings/or global properties to maximize… (Show more)
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Simon Drapeau
R80.10 distributed architecture   2 X 15600 appliances in VSX cluster VSLS (one VS currently active) .... 7 others coming SMART-1 3150 appliance (management server)   Since last week, smartevent is not able to index all the logs at the right time. On heavy load, we got a 3-4 hours delay with the real time.   DIAGNOSTIC :    I get a verbose… (Show more)
Nigel Dennison
Good morning all   Running through the R80 CCSE course today and we were discussing the change from R7X to R80 in the way that the smart console interacts with the database. In pre R80 the smart dashboard effectively downloads a copy of the database for editing and only writes back during save function. In R80+ it is more of a client interacting… (Show more)
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Vassili V. Boukreev
Hi all !   I want to try R810.10 on my computer in Vmware Workstation 12, but after installing Management Center I get this error in GUI Clients Section (User Management - GUI Clients):   Management Server cannot be reached. Check your management configuration and try again.   Also when  I try connect to installed Management center via… (Show more)
Djelo Arnautalic
Is there in the smartconsole R80.10 a messages and action window like in SmartDashboard R77.30 to check the category of the site?  
in Policy Management
Damilola Cole
My Smart Event recently displays no report (says query failed), I have tried searching for SKs, can anyone please help me out.    Hope this helps provide some information
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Christian Garcia
Hello Experts,   In our customer enviroment, we need to allow Office 365 services in Application Control & Url Filtering. Review the documentation, i find these link: How to allow Office 365 services in Application Control R77.30 and above however for other experience, I remember that was necessary add many URL of office 365 too in Applications… (Show more)
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David Heggie
Hi, we are migrating from R77.30 to R80.10 on fresh MDS and MLM's. I have checked some of the documentation but can't seem to find anything mentioned regarding partition sizes. Is there any recommendation or defaults the best way?
in Management (R80.10)
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