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Vladimir Yakovlev
Can someone point me to the specifications for the VMs that should be running the R80.20.M1 ? I am interested in vSphere ESXi VM configuration in particular (i.e. Linux distro and version).
Rohit Paygude
I am working on a POC where I have two Virtual Private Cloud (VPCs) on AWS where I am trying to send an egress internet traffic from Servers -> Squid Proxy -> Checkpoint -> NAT gateway  in which servers, checkpoint and NAT gateway is in VPC1 and Squid proxy is in VPC2 I have done the VPC peering but it seems traffic is getting blocked Checkpoint.… (Show more)
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Juan Manuel Briones Mendoza
Hi, i´m having problems on SMS to get the log´s from my firewall´s, I was having some problems with the DB and needed to restore it SMS and import the DB from one of my working BK´s. the thing is that since a restore it we are getting error message from the JPEG under LOGS & MONITOR. Can u help me with a some tips so i can fix this issue. The… (Show more)
Ryan Ryan
Hello, when I run this command on SmartManager "fwm printcert -ca internal_ca I get no response back, I believe its to do with the Internal CA missing or something similar.   Its causing issues when trying to enable VPN blade on all our gateways, when trying to generate a cert I get a message back "Failed to get the CA server's certificate"  … (Show more)
Robert Mueller
Hi,   I've successsfully installed a R80.10 SmartEVent Server in dne MDM and it receives the LOGs but inthe views I can only see events from the FW blade.. not from ThreatPrevention or IPS.. is there somewhere a filter, which I haven't seen?   Edit: All Log Events (IPS; Threat Prevention, Anti-Malware....) are in the LOG of the SmartEvent Server… (Show more)
*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************                                                                                          Troubleshooting with SmartEvent…
Daniel Taney
I have a dedicated SmartEvent server that is still running NGSE. I am in the process of planning the total migration of our Management environment (SMS, SMS HA Box, NGSE Reporting) to R80.10. It seemed to me the SmartEvent server was the best place to start.   We have a number of custom reports that were created under NGSE. I see an option to… (Show more)
Gomboragchaa Jamganjav
I am trying to replace Checkpoint 1490 to Checkpoint 5200 with GAIA-R80.10 Standalone deployment. Unfortunately SIP is not passing through over checkpoint. It was dropping SIP 5060 port and I used SIP Security Rule for Proxy in DMZ Topology and created to related rules.   Topology: - DMZ Network, A-Network and B-Network direct connected to… (Show more)
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Sagar Manandhar
Hi,    Is there the way i Can export object and policy from R80 to R80.10?    Regards, Sagar Manandhar
Kris Meldrum
Hi All, I'm looking for a way within R80.10 to see a timestamp for when the last Threat Prevention (but more specifically, IPS) policy was installed. I know I can see firewall through fw stat. IPS stat only shows me that it is enabled and the signature update number which doesn't help for my use case. Is there a way to see when IPS or Threat… (Show more)
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Heiko Ankenbrand
  What is the exact processing of the flow with CoreXL and SecureXL? How are the packages processed here?   Q: Why this question? A: There are several articles in the forum that currently discuss this thema.   References to the articles: Check Point Threat Prevention Packet Flow and Architecture - 09-04-2017 (Moti Sagey ) R80.x Security… (Show more)
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Vladimir Yakovlev
I could not figure out what parameters could be provided and in what form, to get this filter to display anything:   Trying *; "Blocked Message"; "Blocked_Message"; "Blocked*"; "blocked_message"; "blocked*"; blocked*; blocked_message, yields nothing. 
Nikhil Deshmukh
Application Control & URL filtering is enabled HTTPS Inspection is also enabled. Outbound Certificate is deployed in the organization and No SSL error, thanks to that. Can see HTTPS outbound certificate on browsing Internet. When trying to access a blocked http://website_A, block page appears.   When trying to access a blocked… (Show more)
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