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Prashan Attanayake
Hi Team,   I would like to share one of my experience in here.Recently we update our checkpoint cluster 77.20 to 77.30. Then worked fine for few months.   Suddenly cluster got freeze, we didn't able to get log for specific time slots, because we restarted affected firewall manually. According to Checkpoint support engineer we weren't install the… (Show more)
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Lincoln Webber
I have two data centers each having an open server cluster. The data centers are separated by a WAN. The primary DC's cluster has the organization's Internet link and the following blades enabled: IPS, VPN, APCL/URLF, AB/AV, Identity awareness, Email/antispam. The secondary DC's cluster has the only has IPS enabled (the same IPS profile is applied… (Show more)
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Prashan Attanayake
Hi Team,    What is different between High availability and Load sharing in cluster mode. ? What is different between ClusterXL and VRRP in highavialibily ? What is different between Multicast and Uni-cast in load sharing ? What is the best method to use in checkpoint cluster environment ?   BR
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Dameon Welch Abernathy
A video that demonstrates how Check Point vSEC integrates with Amazon Web Services and how you can create dynamic security policies that update automatically.
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Ryan St. Germain
Will checkpoint support SHA-1 or SHA-256 hashes for custom indicators at some point? 
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Robert Mueller
Hi, One question - when the Sandblast TE removes a file out of a mail it attaches a Textfile with the content   "Attachment 'Filename' was removed by Check Point Threat Extraction."   Is there a possibility to change that text??   Br Robert
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Tom Coussement
I know the inspection points "i", "I", "o" & "O" Now I see for example eth2:e and eth2:E in fw monitor output Is this voor incomming and outgoing encrypted traffic? Can't find it in documentation...
Johan Hillstrom
Hi We recently went from R75.46 to R80.10 on a new cluster. But now we are experiencing IPSec VPN issues, mostly with Azure VPN gw. We have verified that this is an MTU/MSS issue by temporarily lowering MTU on one of our AD DCs in-house as well as one of the Azure AD servers. However that is not a desirable configuration in the long run.  … (Show more)
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Justin Hickey
For most policies I enabled the standard 'Log' option. For the policies that bring users to the Internet, I select 'Detailed' logs and enable 'Accounting'. Each time I do this the log viewer stops displaying any logs. It just kind of hangs. I need detailed logs and accounting to generate in depth user activity reports. The logging box is beefy… (Show more)
Kristian Nyquist
Hi   I am planing to implement Remote Acess VPN in visitor mode and the also the client less type of connection for my user to bee able to connect to the network.   Does it exist any step by step guide what i need to perform to get this working? Any hints what needs to be performed?   I am using gaia R80.10   //Kristian
Moti Sagey
Upvote if you want WebUI for Sandblast Agent Nicolas McKerrall Dameon Welch AbernathyDaniel Colwell
Roland Eschenburg
As part of our corporate security monitoring initiatives we need to review all the possible log messages that can be produced by the platform across all the main blades e.g. VPN, IPS, URL Filtering, FW, Application Control etc. We currently feed all events in to our own SIEM and SOC and we require information of all possible events that can be… (Show more)
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Prashan Attanayake
Hi Team,   Our checkpoint cluster devices change suddenly there are status Active to Standby and Standby to Active. I check the log from smartview tracker and i found this    "Record Details cluster_info: (ClusterXL) member 1 ( is down (Interface Active Check on member 1 ( detected a problem (eth4.20 interface is down,… (Show more)
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