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Tom Thwaites
How do i add an additional external IP to the CloudGuard device in Azure. I've added the new IP in the Azure Portal and attached to the VM, but within the GUI the IP isn't being display?   If i create a new alias within the CG GUI, i can't specify the IP as it doesn't allow for /32 within the subnet mask.   Any help would be really appreciated.… (Show more)
in CloudGuard (Formerly vSEC)
Moti Sagey
Upvote if you want WebUI for Sandblast Agent Nicolas McKerrall Dameon Welch AbernathyDaniel Colwell
David Chau
Will enabling the Traffic Connections for the Smartview Monitor blade have an affect on CPU and memory resources?  If so, what is the impact?
Ricardo Oliveira
Hello, Is there documentation or article that can inform limitations or best practices when configuring a VLAN and using the physical interface with IP address?
in General Product Topics
Enis Dunic
So there you sit in your comfy chair and drink your morning coffee, sun is shining and then suddenly boom   You put away your coffee and start investigating. What on earth is happening? Why is your CPU cores suddenly spiking so high? Are you under attack? One user or many users causing this? Where do you start investigating? What commands,… (Show more)
in Management (R80.10)
Tomer Sole
Download the latest SmartConsole package - at the moment this is build 042 and the Security Management Server that fit Take_112.     As you drag the scrollbar of a large rule set - the position of the rule you are expected to land on appears without the need to release the mouse. When you hit the up/down arrow of the scrollbar, the delta… (Show more)
in Policy Management
Shehan Wickramarachchi
Hello Guys,   We migrated a R71 to R80.10 manually since the customer did not want to use the CheckPoint Migration Tool (The automated way) So we want to know whether we added them correctly eg. Correct IP's for objects ,policies , NAT etc. We didn't check it one by one as it will consume lots of time.   I want to know is there a tool to check… (Show more)
in Policy Management
David Chau
I currently have a dedicated MLM and have smartlog enabled to index up to 300 days.  Currently we are at 81% usage.  I'm thinking about changing the indexing to 200 days if 81% utilization is too high.  What is best practice when it comes to disk space utilitization for MLMs?  
Sergio Alvarez
Hello, this customer lost the admin password of a Smart-1 appliance, I read about the Emegernedisk utility so created the a USB using it on a different appliance from which the customer does have the admin and expert password, but the Smart-1 appliance just won-t bootup from it.    Am I missing something here or is it the USB might not be a… (Show more)
in Management (R80.10)
Giancarlo Cotta Ramusino
Hi   Please, I need to understand whats happen in Sand Blast Agent with encrypted files protected by a password.   I suppose:   1) Encrypted file are considered malicious and not sent to the user.   2) Encrypted file are opened in Threat emulation, but before the emulation is necessary that the receiver user know the             password to… (Show more)
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ganeshan dharmalingam
when we want to enable secure ID authentication for checkpoint gateways we just need to copy the sdconf.rec file on the gateway on the CLI or do we need to configure through OPsec application also?   Checkpoint R80.10 security management doc says we just need to copy the file. But RSA doc insists to have an OPsec application configuration . can… (Show more)
in Management (R80.10)
Norbert Bohusch
If we have scheduled backup configured in clish on a SmartCenter or MultiDomain installation the backup can't be done if GUI clients are connected:   /var/log/messages shows: scheduled_backup: set_binding: Failed to set one binding: :backup:start:local : error = Can not start the operation. You should disconnect all GUI Clients from this… (Show more)
Pedro Boavida
Hi,   I've noticed that with R80.10 there was a loss of functionality in user templates, namely group membership option. Its no longer there.   As for today we cannot have the newly created user automatically added to a given set of user group(s), as defined by the user template, as it used to worked before (<R80)   Although it is not visible… (Show more)
in Management (R80.10)
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