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Di Junior
Dear Mates   I need your urgent help.   I have enabled IPSec blade on one of our clusters, and I now need to disable it because it mays be causing some issues with another IPSec that we use from a vendor within our network.   When I try to disbale IPSec, itshows the message on the image bellow:     When I check where used, it shows all the… (Show more)
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Stuart Green
Hi,   Has anyone encountered this issue with the MUH Identity Awareness Agent running on Citrix servers?  Initial connection works just fine but then after a few days it just disconnects and stops forwarding identities.  Event log on the server says that it is connected but the agent doesn't report that.  Screenshot is attached.  There doesn't… (Show more)
Jonathan Stiefel
I passed the CCSA R80 156-215.80 exam taken at a Pearson VUE testing center on 15 Oct 2018. I have verified that my User Center email and the email provided during the post exam questionnaire match. How long does it normally take for a certification to populate in User Center after passing an exam? Thank you for any assistance that you can… (Show more)
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Demith Samaraweera
Hi All   I have a strange issue, we have CP 5900 VSX VSLS cluster with 3 virtual firewalls, only one is active on node-1 and others are active node-2. We have coreXL and SecureXL enabled with only IPS blade enabled, strangely on node 1 there is one firewall worker taking lot of CPU   Also strangely ~70% traffic takes F2F path without any… (Show more)
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Christian Benitez
In previous versions, one could open the current policy, make 50 changes and then save it with a different name (usually, If there was an unforeseen issue (or management decision), one could rollback easily the old policy by installing the old version where everything was working as expected. How do you handle this situation… (Show more)
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Daniel Taney
This may be a dumb question, but I couldn't find any other relevant posts that existed before asking it... Is there a way to see how far back your SmartLog Indexes go in R80.10? Back in the R77.30 days, it used to just show up at the bottom of the SmartLog app. I don't see anywhere in the GUI to display that anymore?   Thanks!   Dan
Heiko Ankenbrand
SecureXL has been significantly revised in R80.20. It now works in user space. This has also led to some changes in "fw monitor" There are new fw monitor chain (SecureXL) objects that do not run in the virtual machine.   SecureXL offloading chain modules   # fw ctl chain   The new fw monitor chain modules (SecureXL) do not run in the…
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Myo Min Zaw
Hi Expert,   I am doing for one project Upgrade from Splat R77.30 in Smart1-5 production appliance to Gaia R88.10 in new Smart1-410.   Please kindly advice it how to better way to upgrade for this above scenario. I am not able to find for the correct image at CP user center of Upgrade wizard guide.   From my approach is as per below: 1. … (Show more)
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Gerard van Leeuwen
Hi, I'm using the Logs & Monitor of Domain Management Server ( R80.10 ) on a VS ( R77.30 ). I'm looking for the field name of "Xlate (NAT) Source IP"  to use in the query in Logs & Monitor.   (Already tried filtering using the "Copy Rule UID" of the NAT rule and using it with fieldname rule_uid. ) The drop down list of "other fields"   I hope… (Show more)
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