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Introductory note: Since some documents haven't been given the little love they deserve IMHO, I'm going to document my findings and proposals for improving them here, for everyone's benefit. Usually, I've tried giving feedback in said articles, but either they didn't change anything (even though they said I was correct) or they just didn't… (Show more)
Dylan Merida
Hi guys,   I've got a a mesh / site-to-site VPN question with SMB 1400s and Identity Awareness. It may or may not apply to GAIA proper as well. The environment is working currently like this:   1) 9 x SMB 1400s in a mesh VPN community with no NAT inside the community. 2) SMS is R80.10 on a VMWare VM and the SMB 1400s are on the latest R77.20… (Show more)
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Travis Poole
Hi. Trying to figure out how to find "missing" objects. While testing the SmartMove tool, ran the script files. They completed without issue but the objects didn't appear in the dashboard. Tried installing db same thing. Checked the Domain server with dbedit and the objects aren't there. Checked the MDS with dbedit and they weren't there either.… (Show more)
in Management (R80.10)
Chad Becker
I was working with an organization recently who wanted to log OSPF transition events on their Check Point gateways to syslog so that they could alert on them using the same method as their routers and switches.  After turning on Remote System Logging in Gaia Web UI, their syslog server was getting inundated with Check Point messages.  The one… (Show more)
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Matters Most
Hi,   Using the APP & URL Filtering from R77.30 or R80.10, I can not block HTTPS websites, the Check Point Bypass.   For example, I create a custom App/Sites and add the following site: * If I type, is block, but If I type it's allowed.   How can I block HTTPS URL?   Thanks.
in Management (R80.10)
Alex Rozhko
Probably OLD and not interesting Q... but.. When SNX came out it was WOW factor... especially for those who managed to make AD/SMS 2-fa work. As time went by it became more and more unreliable. Is there any plans on CP dev team to make mobile clients be AD integrated and SMS compatible for 2-fa authentication? Certificates was good idea but it… (Show more)
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Dameon Welch Abernathy
Welcome to "This Week in CheckMates," your weekly highlight reel for all things CheckMates! Past and future posts will be available here: About CheckMates To have these updates show up in your preferred RSS reader add the following URL: About CheckMates RSS Feed  If you can't wait for the weekly update, we also post relevant threads to our social… (Show more)
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Jerry Groom
I am a new administrator for our checkpoint infrastructure. I am still trying to get a handle on the entire setup throughout the network. I keep getting an email from my gateway with the error: "SmartReporter Server has been disconnected from SmartCenter Server / Log Server '', verify that SmartCenter Server / Log Server is running. "  … (Show more)
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Vladimir Yakovlev
I was working on preparing a guide for one of my clients and decided to run this script for verification of the fwm after migrate export. To my surprise, the results were: [Expert@SMS8010:0]# date; $FWDIR/scripts/ Fri Feb 23 15:40:17 EST 2018 Checking server status. Please wait... 15:40:18,423 INFO… (Show more)
in Management (R80.10)
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