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qasim khan
Hi, I would like to download checkpoint R88 software for evaluation. Any idea where I can download it from. it lets me generate a licence key but not sure where to download the sofware from.   Regards, Qasim
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Michael Ruszkowski
I have a MDS running R80 and i want to export the database so that I can import into the R80.10(EA) MDS.   I have tried using the p1_upgrade_tools from the new R80.10(EA) ISO and the export fails saying "Migrating from the current management version is not supported".   I really did not want to do an upgrade, i like building the MDS clean and… (Show more)
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Matters Most
Hi, I haven't found how to display unsaved (unpublished) changes in R80. How to achieve this ?
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Eric Beasley
Is there an R80.10 API documentation URL that we can access for information now that we have the EA available?  I want to see what's new or changed.
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Paulo Rosa
Is hard to find information in checkpoint for pre-sales people.   Can you share with me a powerpoint presentation for R80 with:   - Whats new - Features -  License ( for dummies)     Thanks!
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Chris Denham
Has anybody been able to open this file with the Capsule Docs Viewer?   I'm getting a permissions error, even after registering / logging in with Capsule Docs Viewer...   Security_Checkup_Admin_guide_R80_March2016.pptx
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Kaushal Varshney
Spain was one of the first countries known to have been affected by WannaCry ransomware. This was due to the transparency of Telefónica, the Spanish telecoms giant, which confirmed the ransomware attack. “The impact was tremendous, because this cyber attack was designed to spread across companies. The bigger [the company], the worse [the impact],”… (Show more)
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Inbar Moskovich
Overview This tool enables you to export a policy package (or layers from it) from a management server to a .tar.gz file, which can be imported later into any management server. This tool can be used for backups, database transfers, testing and more.   Description This tool enables you to export a policy package (or layers from it) from a…
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Niran Turgeman
CPX 2017 content is now available online!  Learn more about the Future of Cyber Security and Check Point Infinity from Check Point founder and CEO Gil Shwed and other Check Point experts. Explore the power of the Cloud & Mobile, understand advanced threats and how to block them, and master efficient security management techniques. For exclusive…
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Tomer Sole
Follow sk116158 for instructions of portable copy-and-paste of the SmartConsole GUI client for your Windows machine.   Make sure that you have the prerequisites already installed (4 Microsoft add-ons and frameworks)   This way you can achieve a silent installation of the client, with no special admin privileges during the installation.
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