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kingdavid akubuine
Hi Checkmates.   I recently explored the option of exporting our checkpoint firewall security policies using the Web Visualization Tool as recommended by checkpoint. I was able to convert the outputs to readable formats However, it seems to not give us enough information, i.e. I cannot see the IP address objects, or node objects. From

tom allen
I have FDE and Media Encryption enabled as a Policy on my test PC's. When I put a USB drive in it scans first, then  encrypts. I can copy EXE files onto this Drive without issue. Is this the default behavior? I cannot however copy docs without encrypting first. New to the product so forgive my wording of the question.
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Trevor Bruss
According to the Release Notes, support for using an 80.10 Management server managing 80.20 security gateways is possible. I don't see anything in the sk116380 jumob hotfix article about this though. So is it already doable, or do I need to wait for some particular Take? You can maintain a R80.10 Security Management Server or Multi-Domain Security