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Stacy Dunn
I've come to find that our SandBlast Browser Extension causing IE to freeze for users. This specific issue started at the attempt to deploy users to Endpoint client version e80.88.    Typically, after start-up, (as we have our users restart their machines each evening before they leave), the issue will occur after they open IE for the

Larry Chisholm
We are using R80.10, and I'm seeing a lot of re-transmits to our destination server via https.      I'd like to know how to turn off inspection on traffic heading toward our destination.  I am using the default inspection profile.
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Mike Lutgendorf
MAB Rule flagging SSLVPN traffic as unauthorized now.  So stupid question perhaps. But logs show that a MAB rule 36 is catching this traffic and denying it now. (It wasn't previously. The only change we had to the SSLVPN was having to rebuild radius attached to duo which is logging said person in correctly now.)    If I click on
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Severin Dellsperger
Hi guys,   Yesterday, we had some problems with application control, which I didn't understand. We use a central configured(SMP) 730 appliance with version R77.20.81 (990172541). We also use the firewall blade in strict mode and the application control is activated too:   So we configured something like that: Outgoing access
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Václav Brožík
I wanted to try to use cppcap instead of tcpdump (on R80.20 + JHFA33) but I have encountered serious limitations which prevented me from using it on bridged interfaces: cppcap is not capturing VLAN tagged frames! Only untagged frames are captured. When I use explicit filter "vlan" to capture only tagged frames - the capture is always empty. Only