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Dameon Welch Abernathy
More than 4,000 corporates were attacked, with at least 14 known successful infections, Chicago's entire voter database was left in the cloud and exposed to everyone for months, yet more malicious apps found in Google Play, and WannaCry appears to have impacted multiple service centers of LG Electronics. Details on these items and more can be

Eric Speake
We have R80.10 and I am looking to block the ability to view cached google pages. Any ideas or thoughts?   Thanks, Eric
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Danny Jung
Author: Danny Jung Want more Check Point info? Read our tech blog! Q: What's the official product site ? A: Check Point 1400 Appliance | Datasheet | Support Center Q: What's the 1400 Appliance's SecureKnowledge article ? A: sk110985 | Release Notes | Known Limitations Q: Where can I find Getting Started Guides ? A: Centrally