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Gaurav Pandya
Hi,   If I have a new checkpoint firewall in a remote site with only 1 rule (internal network) to ANY, Allow. (only the firewall blade is enabled, all other blades are inactive). This new connection is exclusively for VoIP connectivity to a cloud phone service. Is there any recommend or best practice rules/settings/or global properties

Dan Currens
R77.30 combined Gateway and SmartCenter server that passed the pre-upgrade-verifier and upgraded to R80.10 through CPUSE. The upgrade completed without issue.  But when it went to install the policy, two rules that passed the R77.30 Rules Verification did not pass the R80.10 Access Control policy verification and the policy did not install
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Don Paterson
Hello, I am trying to understand the difference between content security/Threat Prevention and the legacy security servers. Are security servers (fwssd - in.ahhtpd etc.) still used anywhere in the modern R80.10 NGTP gateway - where AV, AB, TE and/or TEX? The NGTP pdf Moty shared on the community is a bit high level. Also interested in the access