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Travis Poole
Hi. Trying to figure out how to find "missing" objects. While testing the SmartMove tool, ran the script files. They completed without issue but the objects didn't appear in the dashboard. Tried installing db same thing. Checked the Domain server with dbedit and the objects aren't there. Checked the MDS with dbedit and they weren't there either.

Vladimir Yakovlev
I was working on preparing a guide for one of my clients and decided to run this script for verification of the fwm after migrate export. To my surprise, the results were: [Expert@SMS8010:0]# date; $FWDIR/scripts/ Fri Feb 23 15:40:17 EST 2018 Checking server status. Please wait... 15:40:18,423 INFO
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Neil ZInk
Platform:  r80.10  take 42 (and 56)   I am seeing thousands of kernel errors in the  /var/log/message file  (several hundred per minute)   Jan 12 10:44:05 2018 xxxx kernel: [fw4_3];[ERROR]: appi_rad_uf_cmi_handler_match_cb: appi_rad_uf_cmi_handler_server_response() failed Jan 12 10:44:05 2018 xxxx kernel:
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Sumanth Parvathaneni
Hello All, Need a help with the ClusterXL issue. We've two 23800's configured in Cluster running on R80.10 Take-42 since December-2017. Recently we discovered, In the active firewall the output of 'cphaprob stat' shows Active/Down, however in the standby firewall shows Active/Standby. We tried cpstop & cptstart and rebooted problematic