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Open Server to Appliance (critical) migration

Question asked by Santiago Platero on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by Santiago Platero

Hi all, I'm sorry cause I know this has been asked (and answered) before, I don't want you to think I distrust the answers of the community, but I'm not have in fact a 100% confidence on my local SE to do a good job with this.


I need to replace our main gateway, which is a Dell R710 but licensed to only 2 cores. I have all blades enabled (with the exception of DLP), at least 10 S2S VPN  and as I said above, this is a highly critical piece of our infrastructure. The main reason to do the migration is economical, as the annual renewal for Open Servers is, by far, more expensive than the renewals for Appliances.


I know CPSizeMe is not compatible with Open Servers, so I'm in a situation I don't have any other choice to hope my local SE does a good sizing job and achieve to recommends me the right Appliance.


Sooo, the question remains: is there any, ANY, way I could use some sizing tool (rather than CPView or such) or document that allow me to do a sizing and to have a nice sleep at night when the moment comes to do the purchase?


And, if the answer remains the same (there isn't and I should trust to my local SE), why is that? This question is more like a constructive criticism, I know some vendors used the Sizing Tools that Check Point have to take advantage, but I really don't believe that would be a valid reason to leave us, the customers and the companies that religiously pays for contract support, to the hand of fate and lucky.


Maybe you Check Point guys could write some SK that give us directions to do the sizing manually (if it's not already)?


Thanks and, again, sorry