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Things that make my crazy

Discussion created by aner sagi on Oct 21, 2018
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This post is about things in checkpoint products that makes me crazy \ angry.


1. there is no wizard when you need to convert a gateway to cluster. i have to delete the gateway and create a new cluster object. why?

2. i can't allow LDAP AD user group as a group of smartdashboard admins. i have to use radius. why ?

3. smartcenter user experience is poor. the smartdashboard gui get stuck even when i put a lot of resources (32 Gb/ 48GB + 8 / 16 cores).

4. me and my customers lost faith is CP https inspection implementation. it's too problematic and complicated to operate. 

5. VTI \ route based VPN. the procedure to make it work is too complicated and i am afraid to use it together with current VPN domain based implementation.