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Gateway Cluster Hardware Upgrade

Discussion created by Luis Miguel Miguel on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by Takumi Tsumura

I am upgrading the hardware of a cluster made of two open server gateways. The manager has a license of 10 gateways and it manages 10 gateways.

Is it possible to have a cluster made up of two gateways with different hardware?

So what process would you recommend for the migration?
I was thinking three options:

1) shutdown one of the old gateways and connect one of the new gateways with the configuration of the old gateway, establish SIC, push policies and failover. Finally repeat the process for the second old gateway.

Is this possible as we will have a cluster made up of gateways with different hardware?

2) Add the 2 new gateways with new ip address (the cluster will be made up of 4 gateways at this stage) , failover to them and shutdown the old gateways.


Is it possible, as we will have 12 gateways and we have a license only for 10 gateways.

3) shutdown the old gateways. Connect the new gateways, establish the SIC, push the policies. 
This is the less preferred procedure as it will require outage.