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Force install Jumbo

Blog Post created by George Liu on May 4, 2018

(省時間的客官請看 Workaround)



  1. 初始建置:R77.20 ,上過一些 hotfix
  2. 就地升級 R77.30 失敗,Fresh install R77.30 後 upgrade_import 重建環境
  3. 歷經幾次因為 Smart Center Crash, resotre 種種問題。


需求:Install Jumbo 302



1. CPUSE 安裝時,發現要 uninstall Take 216,卻失敗


2. 檢查 installed_jumbo_take 顯示裝的卻是 take_184


3. fw ver -k 顯示 Build 503,這是未安裝 Jumbo 的 build number


4. cpstat mg 查出來的 Build number 居然對不上任何版本 sk114513

5. 走頭無路時參考了 sk101975,敲醒我的重點摘錄如下:

Or manually remove references to Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator RPM packages for Gaia OS:

There are two ways to remove references - either using an uninstall shell script (recommended), or by manually editing the relevant files.

  • Way 1: Remove references to RPM packages using an uninstall shell script (recommended):

    1. Backup the current files:
      [Expert@HostName:0]# cp $CPDIR/registry/ $CPDIR/registry/HKLM_registry.data_BKP
      [Expert@HostName:0]# cp /opt/SecurePlatform/conf/crs.xml /opt/SecurePlatform/conf/crs.xml_BKP


※ 以下有練過,再來做,沒練過,找 Support 做,千萬記得 backup, backup, 再 backup。



  1. 想辦法讓系統認為沒裝過 Hotfix
  2. 萬一出問題要能恢復原狀。(再一次,backup, backup, backup)



Workaround: (以下摘要說明,因為過程有點煩)

  1. cpstop; backup
  2. /dev/null > /opt/SecurePlatform/crs.xml
  3. vi $CPDIR/registry/
  4. 以 : ( ) 為單位,刪除整組以下開頭的資訊
    • HotFix
    • HOTFIX
    • BUNDLE_R77_
  5. cpstart
  6. exit expert mode
  7. installer install Take302
  8. 收工



  1. 目前沒找到如果 CPUSE clean rebuild 的方法。(like freebsd porttree update)