Elad Goldenberg

Check your customer’s threats in the web with Smart Web-Scan!

Blog Post created by Elad Goldenberg Employee on Apr 9, 2018

Hackers spend weeks and months performing reconnaissance on a target before they actually attack. They gather information about the target, work out the best vector of attack, share information with other hackers, and identify the weakest links as well as who has the most valuable information. When ready - they attack.


How can we warn our customer’s against these threats?

The Smart Web-Scan service (powered by IntSights Technologies) performs a scan of the Clear, Deep, and Dark Web searching for customer specific data. When a threat is detected, that information is analyzed and converted into cyber intelligence alerts and presented to the customer.


It is highly recommended to perform and present the Smart Web Scan report alongside with the Security Checkup Report. Both reports cover the customer's threats over the network and over the web. 



How can we use Smart-Web Scan?

Check Point salespeople are welcome to submit a request for Smart Web-Scan by the following steps:

  1. Prepare Customer's Details:
    • Company Name (mandatory)
    • Web and Mail Domain (mandatory)
    • IP Addresses
    • VIP Names
    • Salesforce Opportunity number (mandatory)
    • Account Manager
  2. send the details to sc@checkpoint.com
  3. A Smart Web-Scan report will be sent to your email


* Check Point partners can contact Check Point Incidence Response team for Smart Web-Scan service.