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Ali Korkmaz
Hello All,   Can I install sandblast agent on Apple Mac   Is there SBA of MAC as downloadable on cp support site.   Regards, Ali
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Shahar Grober
Hi,    Is there SLA for SandBlast Cloud Emulation? 
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Robert Mueller
Hi,   Is there a way to block specific file extentions? I my case iqy and slk files. I know that they are supported in the newest Engine but how can I block them? I can't specify them in the SmartConsole and I've tried to block them with the "prohibited file types" (tecli command) but it wont work... I wan to block all files with that extentions… (Show more)
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Tim McColgan
Has anyone seen with sandblast for browser agents continuing to run the iexplore.exe process even when Internet explorer windows/tabs are closed? 
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Happy .
"Endpoint Security Client cannot register to the server.The Security ID of this machine was not found.Please contact your administrator".
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Thomas Werner
In a TE log you can find additional important information how a file was processed:     In the example above "trusted source" means that this file was bypassed by the global whitelist hence it was not emulated.   Different values explained:   Value Comment trusted source file bypassed emulation due to Check Point maintained and automatically…
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Maciej Maczka
Hi,   According to Sandblast Training, there is possibility to upload custom image. Do you have any information about that?     Best Regards Maciej
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Heiko Ankenbrand
Overview of interesting ICAP articles.   ICAP basic settings on Sandblast TEX Appliance:   Check Point support for Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) server ICAP Server on Sandblast Appliance (TEX)    ICAP integration:   Symantec (Bluecoat) SG ICAP and Sandblast (TEX) Fortigate Firewall ICAP and Sandblast (TEX) McAfee Web…
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