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Igor Freidin
We are very excited to share with the community our new SandBlast Threat Emulation report. In this report we have created real and actionable information which can help the security administrator with their day to day work. The report now contains dynamic content which means that as intelligence about the attack is gathered the report will be… (Show more)
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Moti Sagey
Upvote if you want WebUI for Sandblast Agent Nicolas McKerrall Dameon Welch AbernathyDaniel Colwell
Dariusz Puzynowski
Have this kind appliance some of Kaspersky antivirus engine ? If Yes, can we uninstall this part ?
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Libin Thomas
The customer has one MTA configured for a domain on the TE2000X appliance. For MTA load balancing we have followed sk110369 and used the config script. Now we would like to configure a 2nd MTA for a new domain. Can we follow the same procedure for this ?  Are multiple MTA^s supported for Threat Emulation/Extraction on TE2000x? can we add another… (Show more)
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Olga Kuts
Hello all! We have SandBlast appliance TE1000X (take 292, Threat Emulation engine version 55.990001820). We see only 2 images for emulation in general properties: Windows 7 unpatched and Win XP. SandBlast appliance has Internet access.  Why do we see only 2 images, and how to automatically download other possible images?
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Arun R
Dear Team,   After gone though the release note, I was wonder with on point in E80.10 Endpoint security Management server.   Here its:   These Endpoint Security blades are NOT supported with R80.10 Management: URL Filtering, Capsule Docs, and SandBlast Agent blades (Anti-Bot, Forensics, and Threat Extraction and Threat Emulation).   Since… (Show more)
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Sagar Manandhar
Hi, I need to implement the TE appliance and need answer to some query: - can i make the 1000X as standalone (check gateway and management at initial setup) and make it Local TE devices so that log are store in same device. - Do the gateway requires the NGTX license to point the dedicated TE 1000X appliance. - Can two different gateway point… (Show more)
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Jony Fischbein
Cyber Security is all about connecting the dots. So much information out there that connecting all the ONE and ZEROS into meaningfull actionalbe data is a complex challange.  Thats where Check Point infinity excels by mitigating UNKNOWN Cyber Threats across Networks, Mobile devices & Cloud. This prevention is demonstrated within minutes.    … (Show more)
Robert Mueller
Hi, One question - when the Sandblast TE removes a file out of a mail it attaches a Textfile with the content   "Attachment 'Filename' was removed by Check Point Threat Extraction."   Is there a possibility to change that text??   Br Robert
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santosh sahoo
If we have deployed Sand blaster at the gateway then why there is a need to enable IPS blade ?  I want to know whether we need both or not ?
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