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Marco Coletti
We use Carbon Black Protect (formerly Bit9) in our environment and are looking to test its integration with Check Point. In the Carbon Black config is a section for enabling a 'Connector' for Check Point. We want to enable this to take advantage of SandBlast Cloud but are required to enter a 'License Key' to enable it in Protect.   We are… (Show more)
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Kim Moberg
Hi, I have been reading the administration guide for Sandblast Cloud, and I want to push logs to our gateway mgmt log server on R80.10. I am confused about why it is mention installation on linux or windows.  doesnt it run on gateway mgmt?   Text from the guide. The Log Transport Agent (LTA) utility transfers logs from your SandBlast Cloud… (Show more)
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Haim Harush
Hello, I've a client who complain about "lost" licenses, by lost he mean that even if a mailbox is deleted or excluded from the policy , used licenses does not decrease. as far as i know there is an auto update/sync between O365 and SB Cloud which occur every hour just for this kind of changes. is anyone else have this kind of problem? I'll be… (Show more)
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Luiz Nascimento
Hi team, could someone please let me know if there is a way to implement the two factor authentication for the sandblast cloud manager? Thanks
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Gianluca Giordano
Hi team looking at how to implement sandblast cloud for O365 in the administration guide, I find  "SandBlast Cloud for Office 365 uses the native Microsoft API and requires that you configure MX records to reroute email to an MTA (Mail Transfer Agent)." After the document doesn't describe how to retrieve the FQDN or the IP address that I will… (Show more)
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