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Sammo  Li
Hi All Experts,      I have a customer who is interested to our Sandblast for O365 service. His company have 1000 mailboxes on O365 but he want to buy 50 licenses to their VIP end users first. Is it possible? And how we can manage those 50 mailboxes?    I have a trial account of Sandblast for O365 and I cannot find where to manage the mailbox… (Show more)
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Kaushal Varshney
EternalBlue is the a software vulnerability in Microsoft's Windows operating system. It is "Windows SMB Remote Code Execution Vulnerability", and described in CVE-2017-144. The vulnerability exploits Microsoft server message block 1.0 (SMBv1) - a network file sharing protocol. It allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via crafted… (Show more)
Steve Johnson
At this very moment, your inbox and social media account are probably cluttered with promises for the latest quick fix or magical pill that turns you into a lean, mean version of your self in just 30 days. In the same vain, many organizations have adopted a similar approach for outsourcing their infrastructure and applications to the 'cloud' in an… (Show more)
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