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Eric Lindsey
We have 1000s of pcs going to a windows update site to download a .cab file.  It crashed our Threat Emulation blade.  We would like to exclude windows updates from threat emulation. I tried making an exclusion rule set to detect only but can not get the rule to match with the traffic.  What would be the correct url string in our application /Site… (Show more)
in Threat Prevention
Olga Kuts
How can we block traffic coming from known dynamic list of malicious IP addresses using SmartConsole? (Not through the ssh console as described in sk103154)
in Threat Prevention
Reinaldo Fernandes
Hello,   I would like to get some help please in regards the IPS module. We want to change all the high policies to prevent instead of detect (in a specific profile). Is there any change we can apply to set all of the high policies to prevent? or do we need to go manually one by one?   Please see screenshot attached with more details.
in Threat Prevention
Adnan Saleem
Hi, Could you suggest the best way to setup an approval process for IPS protections and have a record of time and date when s specific protection was enabled.   Thanks in advance.   -Adnan
in Threat Prevention
Hi,   I have tried to import IoC downloaded from IBM xforce exchange web site in order to prevent some malicious activities, but if had failed. I'm using stix format (example file is attached). I receive following error:   Our management is on 80.20 version. Any idea what couses the problem?   Kind regards, Milica
in Threat Prevention
Kosin Usuwanthim
I have disable DNS trap feature because I have no use internal DNS. When I verify the log I see some request not block in the same protection name.     Please advice.
in Threat Prevention
Andrew Mathu
Hi Guys,   We are facing a problem when trying to install policy on our firewall.   We get this error "Contract entitlement check failed" for Anit-Virus and Anti-Bot blades. The internet is okay as we can reach the Check Point sites as well as resolve public DNS names.   We have also rebooted the gateways several times.   We are running… (Show more)
in Threat Prevention
Hi team. I'm trying to add https inspection bypass rules with custom site category with full URL or regex in this category.  But it doesn't work and Check Point inspects this traffic. Any ideas how to make it work?
in Threat Prevention
Bob Bent
Applying Zero Trust  to Secure Healthcare Data Thinking of security as a process for using security technology effectively can mitigate risks to you as a healthcare provider and more importantly to safeguard your patient’s data. First identify your highly personal and sensitive data, map your operational flows, implement least privilege access at… (Show more)
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