Valeri Loukine

SecureKnowledge Weekly - HTTPS Inspection FAQ

Blog Post created by Valeri Loukine Moderator on Sep 2, 2018

The article of the week is HTTPS Inspection FAQ 


It consolidates 24 questions and answers, such as:


  • Which software blades support HTTPS Inspection?
  • Which operating systems support HTTPS Inspection?
  • Are there legal implications to enabling HTTPS Inspection in my organization?
  • How can I make PCs trust the gateway's CA certificate?
  • Can I replace the gateway's CA with a different CA?
  • Which SSL/TLS versions are supported by HTTPS Inspection?
  • Why isn't SSLv2 supported?


It also contains references to other articles and documents related to HTTPS Inspection technology.


If you are considering HTTPS Inspection implementation or are already working on it, there is a good chance some of your questions are already answered in the SK