Valeri Loukine

SecureKnowledge Weekly - ClusterXL ATRG

Blog Post created by Valeri Loukine Moderator on Aug 25, 2018

For almost two decades, ClusterXL remains one of the most complex elements of Check Point Security Architecture, and probably the most used one. It is hard to imagine a modern security system without built-in redundancy for Security Gateways. To build it in the most effective way, understanding is the key. 


Here is the best document about Check Point clustering that you could find - ClusterXL Advanced Technical Reference Guide


It thoroughly describes everything you ever need when planning, deploying and troubleshooting Check Point clusters:


  • introduction to clustering,
  • state synchronization
  • ClusterXL modes and configuration
  • fail-overs and state transitions
  • descriptions of Cluster Control Protocol (CCP)
  • monitoring, troubleshooting and debugging techniques
  • and explanation of how to work with kernel parameters


For both experts and beginners, this is something to keep among one's bookmarks.