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Eric Speake
We are seeing that when we have users that go out of the U.S. and when they come back capsule is still reporting the foreign IP address for 5 days. Is there a way to clear this automatically. How can we make it report the actual current IP.  When they come back into the U.S. we get an alert about traffic from a foreign IP.   As an example we have… (Show more)
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Daniel Dor
What is the process to block screenshots in Check Point's Capsule Workspace?
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Gil Frantsus
This video talks about Check Points solution to mobile security - Capsule Workspace, demonstrate its deployment with the Mobile Access blade, and  explain how to troubleshoot some common issues.
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Deepthi Paul
We have implemented Checkpoint Mobile Capsule workspace solution to access some of our intranet web applications ,mail,calender....etc.However the push notifications are not working, though the setting is enabled on gateway and mobile devices as well. Any guesses why?
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Libin Thomas
Can we do a Biometric authentication for Capsule workspace. please share your thoughts
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Asaf Livne
Hi all,   As some of you might now, Capsule Workspace includes an external beta program, where actual customers can join to enjoy pre-released versions, provide feedbacks and have effect on the planned content. As an effort to increase the quality of the product and engage customers to be more involved in the release cycles, I would like ask… (Show more)
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IT Department IT Department
Hi Guys,   Would it be possible to share a folder within the Secure workspace? If not how can I give access to IOS users to network files within Secure workspace?   Thanks   Boulent Giourouk
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Soren Kristensen
Hi In capsule workspace I want to call the messages service from a webpage. sms://004512345678 works from safari on my iPhone, but not from the browser inside capsule workspace, are there a solution for that? Thanks Soren
in Capsule Workspace
Hello All When i try to connect the gateway via Workspace I take the following error   Connetion error "Network error during site creation"   Also when i try to connect MOB Portal via Safari (IPAD or Iphone) ı take the following error   "Safari cannot open the page because the network connection was lost"   But I can connect via Internet… (Show more)
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